What Are Xbox Gamers the Most Jealous About When They Think PS4? And Vice Versa?

The launch of both the PS4 and Xbox One are approaching, and while the consoles war debate calmed down a bit throughout the summer (it was definitively a heated e3 after all, and we needed a break from all the drama!), it's about to pick up right again. Xbox fans are wondering if Microsoft stumbling with its policies will have a considerable negative effect at launch and on the other side, Playstation fans are waiting to see if all the hype will materialize in numbers. Just like a wise Jay-Z once said – "men lie, women lie, numbers don't" – so now that the talk is over, let’s see the real results. After all, it's the numbers that are on the scoreboard that count.

Also, the whole console wars debate has pretty much now moved on to games and exclusives. It's pretty safe to say that Microsoft is playing that card now that the presentation of their hardware component and marketing plan was pretty lackluster. They know they ended up as the loser on that aspect and they’re looking to score somewhere else.

So, if games and exclusives is where Microsoft aims to make Playstation fans jealous, are you feeling the pain? I think it's safe to say that a title like Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare can make PS fanboys sweat a little because Xbox is likely to get it much sooner. And what about Titanfall? That title is an easy argument in favor of the Xbone because there simply isn't anything like it on the PS4. Likewise though, inFamous: Second Son does accomplish the same kind of job for Sony. Which one would you rather have, Titanfall or Infamous? Infamous has had so many awesome trailers so far that I could’ve even think for a second that I would skip on it. Then, I personally have a special place in my heart for Forza that’s an Xbox exclusive. Despite all the cool racing games the PS4 will offer, Forza is one franchise that I know will deliver every time… so it does hurt on the racing side for me, until the Xbox One drops in price that is :P

What Are Xbox Gamers the Most Jealous About When They Think PS4? And Vice Versa?Playstation is really making a few jealous people on the Xbox side with its indie lineup though. In a way, this indie openness by Sony ends up putting them in the news more often than not – everytime a new indie game is announced, a new article comes out and the same comments are found at bottom – "Sony wins again" "Yet another exclusive for the PS4". This has to make Microsoft fanboys jealous as well as they have to rely on their big releases to provide them with some original gameplay. Sony has a ton of cool small concepts in their hands that they can sell for a few bucks.

I personally thought that Sony's indie strategy was cool at first, but I honestly never thought that it would build a positive image in the way that it did. Social media makes a company's reputation go up and down very quickly and every time Sony makes a move they seem to score on that social aspect. They’re like the defenders of the community. Microsoft aims to innovate and shake things up a bit, but people always end up with the impression that they're putting stuff in the gamers' way to get more money.

Overall I would say that the number one thing that Microsoft fanboys are jealous about is Sony's image. We all want to get our hands on the coolest device around when we pull $400-$500 out of our pocket, and the Xbox one isn't especially trendy at the moment, so Sony is a clear winner. PS4 buyers are looked upon as if they're making the smart choice, all while Xbox One followers almost have to justify their choice to go with less indies, a +$100 price tag and a less cool product image-wise. Do you agree with what was said in this article? Is there anything you're jealous about when it comes to the Xbox One? What do you think the gamers in the other camp are the most envious about when it comes to the Playstation 4?

Article by - Marc-André Messier
Insert Date: 10/05/2013

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Jealous of XBox's analog stick

The Xbox always had a better analog stick for shooters. Thats about the only thing! Some games also looked better on the Xbox 360 than PS3. Could that continue onto Xbox One? If Xbox had offered the console in white and black for every1 it would sell more!!! I dont get why companies dont offer systems in multiple colours on launch!

Game looks

With regards to the way games looked on 360 vs PS3. I feel that a lot has to do with the way the PS3 had to be coded. The 360's architecture was an advanced version of the Original Xbox while the PS3 had nothing in common with the PS2's architecture. The Cell processor made it a pain in the ass for developers to port to and with Sony being the only one that really knows the in's and out's of the Cell, they could do a lot more with the games. The beauty of the PS4 and Xbox 1 is that they are so similar that the games probably won't be much different in the way they play or look. A company wanting to port to one or the other shouldn't have to change their coding all that much.