Will I Need to Purchase a New TV to Enjoy the PlayStation 4 if I Own a Non-Digital Television?

Will I Need to Purchase a New TV to Enjoy the PlayStation 4 if I Own a Non-Digital Television?

For many people, the PlayStation 4 will be the first new system that they have purchased in quite a few years. The PlayStation 3 was released for retail way back in 2006 – a whopping 7 years ago to be exact. Even if fans purchased other consoles in the intervening years, they would have all been the last generation and therefore optimized for the technology of that period. PlayStation 4 is built for what is happening in the world of technology currently, and as a result it has some upgrades from past consoles. When PS3 was released, it was perfectly fine to hold on to our old analog TVs (although to get the maximum benefit of the console, players would need to upgrade to a digital television). However, it appears that with the new generation, if players want to play PlayStation 4 at home, they will have to upgrade their old analog TV (if they still own one) as well.

The need to upgrade TVs in order to enjoy PlayStation 4 is not a cosmetic one. Although, a higher quality TV has certain advantages when playing, that is not the main reason that players will need to let go of their tube sets. The driving force making this necessary is the fact that the PS4 will only have HDMI input per the spec sheet. Obviously, older analog TV sets do not come standard with this input.

This necessity wasn’t the case with the last system as it came out at a time when HDTVs were just debuting onto the market for the average consumer to purchased. Many people still used analog TV sets at this time, yet of course now, this has changed. Many people have upgraded their TVs to LCD and Plasmas not to solely play games, but because technology has moved on. However, there are still many people who have analog TVs for a variety of reasons. Some people have them for financial reasons, others just don’t see a reason to upgrade, after all if it isn’t broken, there is no reason to fix (or in this case, replace) it. Some players who have older HDTVs may also need to be mindful of what ports they have available. For these people, if they intend to move to the next generation of games, they will unfortunately need to invest in a new TV.

Shopping for a new TV can be a little overwhelming. There are many options available, some of which will really enhance the player experience while others will be fairly neutral. The first question that needs to be answered before decided on which type is of course, how big of a TV are you looking for. If you are looking for something fairly large or something smaller, this will limit your options as all manufacturers do not make sets in all sizes.

There is also the question of plasma or LCD. Each option has its pros and cons and really, the type of games you play will determine which would be a better option for you. Each type focuses on a different part of image and color. LCD screens really shine when it comes to color so if you are a player who focuses on a lot of games that feature bright colors and sunny landscapes like Kingdom Hearts 3 or Madden where you want to be able to see those bright colors, then LCD is really the better way to go.

If you are a fan of more moody and dark games like The Order: 1886 or Watch_Dogs then you’ll want to look into a plasma as their main draw is the crisp deep darks. So the shadows that you may sneak in, the rainy days, all those things will be much clearer. If you’re looking for guidance then this is an excellent article to help you in beginning to narrow down choices.

Unfortunately, purchasing a new TV will be necessary and unavoidable for PlayStation 4 fans who are still gaming on older model sets. This can be upsetting but the bright side is that with a new TV, the depth and amazing effects of the graphics will be noticeable and no longer will the tiny details (like subtitles!) be lost.

Do you think that this will affect people very much? Do you think that Sony should have included ports to connect older model TVs or do you think everyone needs to join the future already?

Article by - Dusty W.
Insert Date: 10/21/2013

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