Which series do you most want to see on the PlayStation 4?



Ratchet and Clank

flight semulater/auto racing

ace combate series,WWII,desert storm,Irace,affganistan aircraft, F1 racing,NASCR, dirt trck racing.

all kingdom hearts, final

all kingdom hearts, final fantasy, ratchet and clank, could name loads more

Mass Effect!!

Mass Effect!!




yes, we need fallout for the new console. come on Bethesda!


I definitely want a new Fallout game.

battle field 4

cant wait to play online, bring it!!!

Games for PS4

I love all kinds of games but me and my kids like to build and if they added Minecraft to the PS4 I would be 100% sold on PS4 even though I still love my XBOX 360.


Mafia 3

Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 would go great with the PS4 because of the graphics !!!!


Let's hope they pull through.

FALLOUT 4!!!!!!!!

i would just love to see fallout 4 on PS4!!!!


Cant't Wait


Hot Shots Golf #6!!! I bought the PS3 just to play "Out of Bounds" and it's been years waiting for Hot Shots Golf 6. Ridiculous. It's been released for over a year in Japan and Australia. What's the hold up?


We have numerous family and friends that still continue to play Rockband!!! I am truly discouraged to not see ANY form of RockBand available on the PS4?? What gives here?? I understand the total stopping of any upgrades or new songs on PS3, but, If you really want us to get involved with the PS4 platform, You NEED to include RockBand, in some shape or form!!! We are truly discouraged by the lack of upgrades going on, and now we get to see, it doesn't continue in the next generation???We have all been truly dedicated to Sony, up until now!! It appears, we all will have to move on to the dreaded X-box, systems if we want to continue to play??? Is that really how this is going ????

Shenmue 3!

A new Fallout and Star Wars move (Better than the Kinect version) would be great, but I urge everyone to play the original Shenmue 1 and 2 originally on the Sega Dreamcast! Most people who play it fall in love with it. I want Shenmue 1 and 2 in HD and then hopefully, Shenmue 3! Creator Yu Suzuki wants to finish this masterpiece. I cannot wait for the PS4!

Shenmue 3

Shenmue fans have been waiting for over a decade (about 12+ years) and eagerly want the continuation of the Shenmue saga.

Shenmue is the game that paved the way of open-world games. You wouldn't see the newest of open-world games (which now is a gaming trend) without the Research & Development which was spent on Shenmue, back in 1999.

Shenmue is a game that speaks to the hearts of gamers, with its epic storyline, the high inspiring soundtrack (composed by Yuzo Koshiro, Takenobu MItsuyoshi et al), the spiritual personality, the vast interactivity, the great attention to detail, the incredible by the time beautiful graphics, the game oriental setting while projecting towards the player the culture and the wise of Japan/China.

Shenmue has badly been on a cliffahanger. Yu Suzuki, the creator of Shenmue, wants very enthusiastically to complete the series. Yu Suzuki had the concept to bring a new genre of games, which as he say will have "the realism of movies and the interactivity of games". Shenmue was the grand step of this.

Shenmue has a cult following of loyal fans, who even on this day will do anything to get a third installment on their hands. Shenmue 3 being as an exclusive of PlayStation 4 would mean an epic hit of sales for the console; 12+ years of patience will be released on Sony's console and rained with money; Shenmue fans will make their wallets speak for their mouths.

Lately, Yu Suzuki has been captured on a picture with Mark Cerny (the lead architect of the Sony PlayStation 4). They are good friends and, if Shenmue 3 will end up on PlayStation 4, and Mark Cerny being the partner, that would mean an extra care of Shenmue's future and a majestic ending of the series.

Shenmue is the firstfruit of open-world games, full of emotion and love, spirit, wise, importance of friendship (and sometimes even the point where sailors hang out...), the real use of martial arts (are used to protect peoples lives), character growth (and many other positive aspect), kind of games.

Shenmue 3 needs to happen! Please, we have been waiting long enough; bring to us Shenmue 3 and you will have the utter respect and support over your console, that is PlayStation 4, and for your future game consoles, from the many thousands of loyal Shenmue fans!

With sincerity, thank you for listening to me.


shenmue is the greatest. the ps4 would do it justice. shenmue hd collection and part 3.


As stated in other comments, Shenmue fans need closure.

Show us that you guys can do what everyone else can't.

Get us Shenmue 3.

James Reiner


As previously mentioned. We need closure.


The shenmue series please sony


Me compro la ps4 solo por esa franquicia sin dudarlo... Y dos




Shenmue 3!

Shenmue 3 would bring more fans to Sony, and prove that that the PS4 has better games then the xbox one.


Please. Please. Please

Shenmue 3!!

This is a game that needs to be made!

Shenmue 3

This is the most needed sequel out of any series I have played.

Shenmue 3

Barring a multiplatform release, the PS4 would be the best fit for a console exclusive Shenmue 3. Without a doubt.


You beat me to it. I was going to say Shenmue3 that game was addicting lol.

Shenmue 3

Would certainly make a substantial addition to the list of PS4 exclusives in the Next Gen battle, which can only work in both Sega and Sony's favour. It would also give this franchise the very long awaited closure that it deserves, and quite frankly, NEEDS. Especially now, with the sudden re-rising Shenmue buzz, following several public appearances by Yu Suzuki himself.


first 3 kicked ass. 4 was alright. What better samurai hack n slash? Gengi??? Puhhhlease!

twisted metal

twisted metal

Dead Space PS4

This seems like a no brainer!

MLP, or cake pops, why is

MLP, or cake pops, why is this platform aimed at guys? No wonder apple is doing so well while you're plummeting! Platforms are for adolescents with mom and pop support, the standalone are for broader base players, something you lost with Everquest, love that game. You had to change it, but lost us that didn't upgrade. So sorry Sony. Good luck with another expensive release, I won't buy a PS3 because it had a blue ray, why buy a 4? Another teenager game is out now? Good graphics again? You lost us by making us buy more... So sorry Sony.



legacy of kain

I want it on ps4 to.

or demons souls 2

legacy of kain or demons souls 2


I would LOVE to see this genre brought to the PS4. At the end of the last game when Kain becomes fully aware of the Elder God and looks out the room towards the pillars... I so much wanted them to continue the story. I would love to see them make more games like this.

This game series had a killer story line.... Fey Victus.

Hydro Thunder and Splashdown HD

I think the PS4 would make these 2 classic arcade-style racing games awesome. Just sayin

PS4 Games

HOT Shots Golf


Shenmue 3 is the most important thing for video game history right now :p but a re-release of the 1 and 2 would be great too.

Something like two souls

I really liked the game Beyond: two souls, and really wish to see something similar!

doom 4 and deus ex universe

would like doom 4 to include doom 2 when it comes on ps4 and when deus ex universe arrives i'd like them to include original deus ex or have them remake the original and place it on ps 4 as well.

please add the sly cooper

please add the sly cooper games, and all the kingdom hearts too, i would never leave my room if i had those.


Spyro The Dragon an Back To The Orginals that were brillant Or Even Do HD of The orginals


I want to see CoD black ops I, II and III for ps4