What PS3 accessories work on the PS4, and which ones will I need?

Console launches are a lot like packing for a trip. No matter how many times you check to see if you have everything, you always end up leaving something behind. We’ve all experienced it, but with this handy article, you won’t have to. When you leave the store with your massive bag that contains your PS4 and the accessories you purchased, you’ll have a clear conscience and everything you need. Just to be safe though, I would bring a printout of this article with you.

In this article, we’ll discuss what PS3 accessories you can keep, and which one’s you can leave off to the side to make room for your PS4 Accessories. You’ll also have an overview of what accessories are available and launch and which ones you’ll need. Let’s start with the basics, what does the PS4 come with?

The PS4 comes with the following items
- PS4 System with 500GB Hard Drive
- One DualShock 4 Wireless Controller
- HDMI Cable
- Power Cable
- One Mono Earbud Headset
- One USB Charge Cable

Not bad, the headset and the HDMI cable are a nice touch compared to the bare bones inclusions we normally see from console releases. The PS4 brings a nice selection of items to get you started, but that’s just it, they only get you started. Before we go into PS4 accessories, let’s examine what accessories for your PS3 that you can hang on to for use on the PS4.

PS4 HeadsetsAlthough current generation headsets will not work at the launch of the PS4, Sony has confirmed that a firmware update post launch will enable the use of headsets from the PS3. This includes the Sony Pulse and Pulse Elite headsets, Turtle Beach headsets, Astro headsets, and even wired stereo headsets. Sony has yet to confirm the release date for the update, but it will be released in the months following the system’s launch so you may need to use the mono headset it comes with for a little while before you can strap on those Pulse Elites again.

PS4 PlayStation MovePlayStation Move
Even though these technically impressive motion controllers didn’t have a massive amount of support, they are getting a second lease on life with the PlayStation 4. Originally used in conjunction with the PS3 Eye Camera, the PlayStation Move Motion and Navigation controllers will both be making the jump to PS4 and will be used with the new PS4 eye camera. I enjoyed these motion controllers for shooters and especially with Heavy Rain, so here’s hoping they receive more love on the PS4.

That’s about it for the the accessories that carry over, but it’s a far longer list than most console launches have seen. If you paid upwards of a hundred and seventy dollars for your Pulse Elite Grand Theft Auto V headset, you’ll be happy to know it works on the PS4 once the update is released. With PlayStation Move controllers rivaling the price of a DualShock, it’s nice to know they won’t be collecting dust either.

What to buy at launch: the shopper’s guide

2 PS4 DualShock 4 controller1. A second DualShock 4 controller ($59.99).
The DualShock 4 is an impressive piece of gaming equipment, and these things will sell almost as fast as the system’s themselves. Sony did show both a “Magma Red” and a “Wave Blue” controller that will be available. It is unclear if these will be available at launch, but with games like Knack including a two player local option, it is always smart to have more than one controller lying around.

PS4 Eye Camera2. The PS4 Eye Camera ($59.99).
While it’s not required, the PS4 Eye camera is similar to Microsoft’s Kinect in that it boasts an HD 1080p camera along with voice recognition. It has a lot of features with the DualShock 4, including the ability to track the LED light on the controller to properly position player’s screens during multiplayer when they’re sitting in the living room. If you own the PlayStation Move controllers, this extra piece is a no brainer as you’ll need for them on the PS4 anyway.

PS4 Charging Dock3. Charging Dock ($29.99).
The DualShock 4 controller has a built in rechargeable battery that will eventually need to be replenished once you start those marathon sessions of Killzone: Shadow Fall. The system does include a charge cable, but with a charging dock, you can keep your controller’s energized while you take a twenty minute power nap to fuel your all nighter.

PS4 Vertical Stand4.Vertical Stand ($19.99).
You just bought a PS4, show it off! With the vertical stand available at launch, you’ll be able to proudly display your PS4 system like your living room is an E3 booth, and if you’re lucky, the booth babes will be present as well, but they are not, unfortunately, included with the vertical stand.

There you have it, a few accessories with another round in the ring and a host of new ones to make sure your system is displayed properly, that you have all the controllers you require, and that they’re charged up and ready to go when you are. Which accessories will you be getting? Do you own any of the compatible accessories already for the PS3? Tell us in the comments, and let us know what other questions you want answered.

Article by - Bradley Ramsey
Insert Date: 10/15/2013

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