What new features does the PlayStation 4 offer?

What new features does the PlayStation 4 offer?

User Interface and Social Features
Outside of the "Share" feature, the PlayStation 4 offers news features via social networking integrations. Interacting with your friends, whether it is by joining a game they are playing or viewing the content they are sharing, has never been easier. Your friends list has also been increased from the original 100 limit to an unknown amount. When you log into the PlayStation Network, you will now be greeted by a custom user interface, which shows the latest updates from your friends, special offers and discounts from third-party vendors, and act as your own personal web browser. These features can be accessed even when you're playing a game.

The DualShock 4 Controller
The DualShock 4 features a new touch pad and the system now has the ability to suspend your gameplay, resuming the game at the exact spot you left it on when the system is turned back on. A new light sensor bar built into the DualShock 4 allows the PlayStation Eye to track who you are in the game and relay unique messages via flashing lights to your controller. Your controllers can also be charged when the system is in standby mode, an upgrade from the previous PS3's requirement of being powered on in order to supply power. Motion control returns with the PS4, now with greater emphasis on games using this feature. The PlayStation 4 also offers support for the Vita, such as enabling you to play PS4 games on the Vita.

Streamlined Downloading
The new PlayStation Network will smartly track the kind of games you enjoy playing and download demos in the background for you to instantly access. This download feature will also extend to digital purchases and not interfere with your online gameplay, meaning you can download a new purchase in the background without slowing down your online experience. The USB headset that comes standard with your DualShock 4 controller also has increased bandwidth so you can chat with friends while playing different games online.

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