What to expect from Left 4 Dead on the PS4

Just like any famous game series, the idea of playing Left 4 Dead on a brand new console is pretty exciting. One can only dream of what it will be like to play L4D on the Playstation 4. Left 4 Dead 2 was a nice follow-up to the original as it improved the zombie experience in just about every way possible : melee weapons, great environments and even more challenging game modes. Let’s hope that we will once again get a worthy sequel!

What’s in store for L4D on the PS4? Well, the first Left 4 Dead game on the next console generation could end up being very different things, but let’s consider one thing before we start speculating: will Left 4 Dead actually be a PS4 launch title?

Indeed, this fact alone could change the type of sequel we will get. If the new Left 4 Dead is released as a PS4 launch title, it’s pretty safe to say that, just like most launch titles, Left 4 Dead 3 will a pretty safe experience, with little departure from the original game.

However, if Left 4 Dead is released later on after the PS4 has established itself on the market, the creators will have to face the fact that the series is due for a real transformation and a good dose of originality. Left 4 Dead 2 already played it safe when it came to new features and was released only one year after the original, which left very little time for major gameplay makeovers, so the series is ready for a real departure from the original in order to keep the interest of the fans and motivate a investment from new players. After all, the first two chapters can be purchased right now on Steam for only $30 as a bundle, so something new will be needed to motivate a full $60 investment.

What departure exactly? Well, while the word “departure” might sound worrying for some of the more hardcore fans of the series, it doesn’t that Left 4 Dead has to lose its essence in the process. Let’s take a quick look at two other well-known game series, FEAR and Call of Duty, which both tried to renew themselves after a few titles, but while one ended up succeeding, the other failed quite miserably.

What to expect from Lead 4 Dead on the PS4The FEAR series took quite a departure from its original formula with FEAR 3 as they introduced very unusual multiplayer modes like Fu**ing run! and Soul King and included very little of those scary moments that made FEAR famous to begin with. Some said the third game wasn’t scary at all and that it simply was a generic sci-fi action game! This is a perfect example of a bad reinvention for a game series – losing your core fans and creating a mixed experience that doesn’t even connect with new players. Let’s hope Left 4 Dead won’t follow the same path for their third game!

Call of Duty, on the other hand, really managed to renew themselves with Call of Duty 4 back in the days. The classic World War 2’ish experience had been effective through CoD 1, 2 and 3, but the theme had pretty much run out of surprises and originality at that point. So that’s when a more modern Call of Duty came around with brand new functions like perks that catered to all fans of those newly trendy MMOs. The number of CoD players then constantly grew to create the monster that is Call of Duty today. Through its reinvention with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, the CoD series satisfied its core audience all while exposing itself to a whole new audience.

Can Left 4 Dead on the PS4 do the same as CoD? Well, the “4 friends vs zombies” concept seems to have been extensively used as well… and Left 4 Dead 2 included just about everything melee weapon known to man, so something new will be needed to propel the series to new heights.

What could this formula be? That is only up to our imagination … For example, maybe the PS4 will be able to display an higher number of models on screen at once to create an even larger scale zombie battle experience… imagine hordes of zombies running towards you through the plains like in the Lord of the Rings movies, which you would have to crush with canons at a distance to then fight the remaining ones at close range with your usual weapons!

I think that if Left 4 Dead on the PS4 can create a feeling that you and your friends are really the last humans alive on earth period and that you have to crush millions of zombies to save your race, L4D will be once again a success. And who knows what the creators might come up with … they came up with this crazy zombie concept in the first place!

Update - March 10th, 2013 -- Left 4 Dead Most Likely To Stay PC Exclusive
Fans of the Left 4 Dead series may be anxiously anticipating a Left 4 Dead 3 on the PS4; however, that may never happen. Valve, the developer behind the Left 4 Dead series, is going full Steam ahead (pun intended) with a rival "console" known as the Steam Box: a small PC using the Linux operating system, a television mode of Valve's Steam digital distribution system and a unique controller, all designed to bring Steam and PC gaming to those without high-end PCs.

As such, it makes sense that for the next Left 4 Dead outing, Valve will most likely keep Left 4 Dead 3 exclusive to the PC and Steam in an attempt to get customers to buy the Steam Box.

However, nothing is set in stone and if plans change, we will let you know!

Article by - Marc-André Messier
Insert Date: 10/17/2012

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