The Reason Behind The Watch Dogs Delay

The Reason Behind The Watch Dogs Delay

After a long wait, we now know the release date behind Watch Dogs: May 27th, 2014. But one of the questions we keep seeing is "Why was the game delayed in the first place?" with many readers believing it was to increase the game's graphical qualities.

However, this wasn't the case at all.

Ubisoft only claimed that the game needed "polish" and now, Senior Producer Dominic Guay has shared on the Ubisoft Blog just what exactly he meant by "polish."

"For us “polish” is that very hard-to-plan period where in theory you’re finished but you need to still adjust things a little bit. This is true for any form of content. It could be usability testing showing us that certain UI [user interface] elements aren’t seen correctly by gamers, or certain things aren’t perceived the way they should be, or certain inputs aren’t working exactly the way we want. It’s also experience testing, where we see that some of the features we built need a little tweaking so that it creates exactly the kind of experience that we want. And it’s also the content itself."

In other words, Ubisoft wanted to perfect the gameplay content that was there, as they didn't feel like Watch Dogs was the absolute best they could make it. When it got close to the release date, even though Guay and his team knew the game was essentially finished, he felt they needed the extra time to make all the features pop.

As explained in the interview, Ubisoft gladly gave the team the time it needed, no questions asked. We assume this is because a lot is riding on Watch Dogs, as the game could potentially turn into a mega-franchise for Ubisoft, rivaling even Assassin's Creed.

Check out the Ubisoft blog for more information, as Guay gives specific examples on "polish" and an interesting insider look on game development.

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 3/7/2014

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