Was The PlayStation 4 Launch Sabotaged?

Was The PlayStation 4 Launch Sabotaged?It's been no secret that the PlayStation 4 has had a few hardware issues at launch, such as the blue pulsing light of death, which renders systems useless. It was assumed that the problem was Sony's fault due to faulty hardware, but it seems this may not be the case.

FOXCONN, a Chinese assembly plant which manufacturers electronics for all the major players, finds itself in the news often due to the poor treatment of its workers. It's because of this poor treatment that has allegedly caused the workers to lash out at FOXCONN by way of the PlayStation 4.

On August 28th, a statement was posted to IGN's message boards by a FOXCONN employee, stating "Since foxconn are not treating us well, we will not treat ps4 console well. The ps4 console we assemble can be turned on at best." At the time, no one took the post seriously, but now with the PS4's hardware problems, the post has resurfaced and finds itself back in the spotlight; especially now with a FOXCONN intern also claiming that PS4 units were sabotaged just a few weeks ago.

Sadly, much of this information is posted to Chinese message boards by anonymous sources, so it's unclear just how much of what we read is true.

Even though FOXCONN admits the working conditions for its workers have been poor, the company has also stated that routine checks revealed no sabotage and a small amount of faulty units, corresponding to Sony's claims that only .04% of all PS4 units are faulty.

Do you think the hardware problems are Sony's fault, or do you feel that units were intentionally damaged at the production plant? Let us know in the comments PS4 Experts readers!

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 11/26/2013

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what are you thinking foxconn ?

don't the Chinese workers know that they could kill someone tempering with the hardware because foxconn what make the work place a better place.my 7 year old will be using my ps4 when i get it on 29th November and if something happens to my daughter i will blow my lid at foxconn.


I know this for fact, As I have video from one of the coworkers with a spy pen. They drop them on the floor on purpose and leave a few screws loose. They also spray chemical inside the units that burns the hardware away when heated up.

Jobs in America

Maybe they should have Americans make the systems create more jobs

xbone one

NO! Not Sony's fault! I was wondering why would everyone says that was why they are buying xbone one because of sony's fault... I honestly think that defective consoles were from the manufacturer, not Sony.

Send them an email for the

Send them an email for the PlayStation for the workers itself and those kind of workers should not be working whether it's the head making the miserable or the workers sabotage


I find it rather funny that Sony a one time huge technological giant who made most of their stuff in Japan is now having a Chinese based company mass produce at least one of their products. Either Sony is really desperate in trying to save costs like a typical so called American company who outsources the work instead of keeping it in house. When I heard about this stuff happening I'm glad I won't be one of the very first people to get one and in fact it may have now pushed me over to getting the Xbox One instead. Cause the way I see it is that I don't want to worry about if the PS4 system I just bought will last longer than the warranty or waste more of my valuable gaming time in getting a replacement. So I blame both for this fiasco. Foxconn employees should revolt against the management by staging a strike or something and not purposely sabotage a product that has a small chance of harming someone. As for Sony they are to blame for not being able to see a chance of something like this happen. The old "Proud" Sony would have but then again the old "Proud" Sony would be making their own products and not outsource their work.

its called outsourcing

Sony also had the "Jaguar" processor outsorced to keep cost down or do you want to pay $1000 for your gaming console, probably not.