What Could Have Been: Volition's Cancelled PS4 Game


Volition, known for classics such as Saints Row and Red Faction, was looking to try their hands at a brand new IP for the PlayStation 4: One that may have redefined the open-world genre as we know it. Sadly, it's been revealed the game was cancelled before development truly started, but the company shared some details of what could have been at this year's GDC.

Known only by its codename, Zeus, the game would have been set in a post-apocalyptic Rio with a western twist. Imagine Red Dead Redemption meets Fallout and you're halfway there. The game would have put players in the position of a John Marston type protagonist in an open-world setting. Players would travel by foot to all locations, as vehicles no longer existed in this new world.

Sounds amazing, right? What happened that led to it getting cancelled?

Senior Producer Greg Donovan stated at GDC that "Right or wrong, we know we could've made this game, but it would've taken too long. It wouldn't have been the responsible thing to do."

A shame, as the concept of the game sounds amazing and the idea sounds fresh. C'est la vie.

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 4/14/2014

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ill pay 100 bucks for a good game

These games will take longer to make no monthly fee but i would pay for a game thats well made