Unravel Review

Unravel has finally released on the PlayStation 4 today and it comes with little to no disappointments. An absolutely gorgeous puzzle game with a similar Little Big Planet feel to it. While LBP has a much larger world, more features and not to mention all the levels created by players, Unravel competes on a much smaller scale.

You can finish the game at an average pace of 5 to 6 hours as you spend time swing with your yarn lasso, finding ways around threats and enjoying the view. The puzzles are obvious in your first steps and become a little more difficult to figure out as you move along. While I’m not a fan of the soundtrack myself, it's easily resolved by turning it down or off and listening to a playlist of my own with the media player or Spotify.

As our game's protagonist Yarny, you will make your way to the end of each level and unlocking the next as well as unlocking photographs in the family's photo album. Seeing glimpses of memories along the way, the view is absolutely stunning. The replay value is fair and it's a great family game for anyone to sit down and put some time into. The cost is a mere $19.99 U.S.D. and the price is well worth it. Hopefully we will see this game go onto be a success and spawn a sequel that will bring much more to this new title. The possibilities are endless and I look forward to hearing about the future of Unravel. Let me know what you think of Unravel in the comments!