Titanfall Could Have Been on PlayStation 4 But Sony Wasn't Ready

As we all know by now, Titanfall ended up being an Xbox and PC exclusive, much to the chagrin of loyal PlayStation 4 fans everywhere. While Respawn Entertainment assured everyone that future Titanfall games would hit the PlayStation 4, what happened with this first game?

Titan Fall PS4

In the Titanfall "Final Hours" app, we finally have our official answer from Respawn about why Titanfall isn't on the PlayStation 4.

According to the development team, Respawn Entertainment reached out to Sony to get the specs of the then unannounced PlayStation 4 system in the early stages of Titanfall development. Sony "wasn't ready to talk about its plans" involving the new console, thus leaving respawn with no choice but to pass on a PS4 version of the game. However, Sony tried to offer Respawn a compromise.

If the company made a PlayStation Vita version instead, Sony would help create it.

As we know, that didn't happen and the rest is history: Respawn ended up going with the Xbox One due to Microsoft being more open about the then in-development system.

Are you mad at Sony for costing you a PS4 version of Titanfall? Would you have played a PS4 version of Titanfall? Let us know in the comments and on Facebook!

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 4/18/2014

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I don't believe that, it definitely was based on a money deal!

Follow the money

I am with Anonymous, Microsoft threw money at respawn to be exclusive, plus they thought xbox was going to outsell ps4.

fund crowd MS...

See it as aan ''fund'' without a fund it cant be real. With a fund i can be real. But the people from Respawn dident make a great deal. Because now they see how mutch money the miss with the great sells of PS4. Respawn had to do a time exclusive only, so like CoD :) BUT NOT THEY ARE IGNORATN ASS HELL....


absolutely stupid, it should of been on ps4 aswell.

I don't believe Sony would

I don't believe Sony would fund or want a game that you can comeplete (campaign) without firing a single bullet. It's not next gen it's not ground breaking it's just cod with bots and a poor story

Not really bothered

It came out on the 360 so could have easily have been made for PS3. Why didn't Respawn do a PS3 deal as they obviously made a deal with Microsoft to have it on the 360. It probably did come down to money as others have said, but all in all, robots fighting doesn't really excite me as much as the PS4 exclusives that we'll be seeing soon. Titanfall is probably one of the biggest factors the Xbox one has sold as many as it has. PS4 still managed to obliterate Xbox in sales and didn't need a big title game to promote it either. Plus we have the VR headset to look forward to which will be much better than anything Kinect can do with its all seeing, all knowing camera.


I would never have brought it anyway. It's just a futuristic COD

Don't see the issue

Half assed game with no story mode that shows off the Xbox ones capability but dosent push the ps4 at all. If it will run on a vita it's not next gen.


The game gets boring in a week anyways


your comment gets boring within a sec...


your boring me as you comment...

Sony has a lot of great games

Sony has a lot of great games coming out. I'm not to disappointed about Titanfall. As long as Titanfall 2 comes out for the PS4.

Titanfall 2 on Ps3 ?

Anyone know if Titanfall 2 would be out on Ps3 ? (Problably not but..I want !)

wasnt money orientated

The reason titan fall ain't on ps4 is because Sony didn't want to give details on the ps4 and its running systems ect before it was officially announced. And anyone who says titan fall is boring without even playing it is a moron. Titan fall has revitalized fps games . Cod and battlefield have been repeats of the previous game but with different maps and guns for so long it was starting to get boring. I have both new gen consoles and titanfall was a big factor in me buying the Xbox one. And I don't regret it it's brilliant.