Titanfall For The PlayStation 4 Almost Happened

Titanfall fever has reached a feverish pitch this last week, with the beta going from closed to open on both the Xbox One and the PC. As PlayStation 4 fans are well aware of, Titanfall is currently an Xbox 360 and Xbox One exclusive on the home console front.

However, if code within the game is to be believed, this wasn't always the case.

Titanfall For The PlayStation 4 Almost Happened

Hidden away in the texture files of the PC version of Titanfall is information that at one point, the game was considered for the PlayStation 3, and we can make a logical assumption that it would have come to the PlayStation 4 as well. Over on popular video game forum NeoGAF, a screenshot of the game's texture files points a PS3 mention.

Respawn Entertainment has never made mention of a version of the game for Sony's platforms, just mentioning that only the first game in the franchise is exclusive to Microsoft's machines. Could Titanfall be a timed exclusive after all? Could it one day appear on the PS4?

Titanfall is currently slated to be one of the biggest releases of the year and one of the games that could push the Xbox One ahead of the PlayStation 4 in terms of sales.

It definitely would have been a killer app on the PlayStation 4, but do you think it's enough to push the Xbox One into first place? Let us know in the comments and on Facebook!

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 2/20/2014

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I think it largely depends on what the 360 version looks/plays like. I also thought recently Microsoft purchased rights to insure even future iliterations will be exclusive to xbox. So Playstation will never see a version.....