Shoppe Keep Review - Righteous Retail

Shoppe Keep

I worked for almost a decade in retail and while it wasn’t my preferred career of choice, I gained a newfound respect for shopkeepers and those who work in the field of customer service. Often in our games, we buy and sell goods at virtual stores without thinking twice. We never stop to consider how much work goes into making things like potions. Swords, and shields available to the RPG populace.

Bloodbowl 2 Legendary Edition Review - Tactical Touchdown

Bloodbowl 2 Legendary Edition

As a passing fan of the Warhammer games and its larger universe, I did a double-take when I first heard about Bloodbowl. Not only did I find out that it had been a tabletop game for a long time, but I also found out that it was coming to PS4. When I found out that it was essentially a football game set in the Warhammer universe, I had to see this for myself.

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