Horizon Zero Dawn review

Horizon Zero Dawn is one of those games where the hype train is on track and actually pulled up to the station. In other words, the hype is real.

In Horizon Zero dawn, you play Aloy. A young girl that was banished from her village and deemed an outcast at birth. As part of the villages law, it is not allowed for villagers to even speak to an outcast. As a child, Aloy has no idea why she was deemed an outcast, but the harsh treatment of others, inspires her to train in the wild with her mentor, Rost.

Top PS4 releases for 2016

The New Year is about to ring in and while 2015 was a great year in general, there was something lacking for PS4 owners. Where were all the great exclusive titles we had come to expect? We have seen titles delayed by months and some titles delayed without any indication of a release at all. Well according to Worldwide studios president Shuhei Yoshida, 2016 will have an "unprecedented rush" of big games!

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