Farpoint w/Aim Controller Review

Farpoint has finally made its debut and along with it, comes the Aim Controller for PSVR. While there is something to said about the Aim Controller’s plain look on the outside, you aren't really looking at the controller at all. You’re wearing a VR headset and that removes the thought of “looks matter” out of the equation.

Looks aside, there is much to discuss in regards to the Farpoint game and the controller (if you purchased the bundle). Let's begin the game review first. As the game can be played without the Aim controller.

Polybius Review - Taking a Trip

Polybius Jeff Minter

There was a moment, while I was playing Polybius, that I lost touch with reality. In fact, it was a moment that happened more often than not during my time inside Jeff Minter's Psychedelic PS4 title. At first, I didn't know what to think of this intense and chaotic title, but it didn't take too long before I lost track of time.

Virry VR - An African Safari Review

Virtual Reality has continued to gain momentum and there is a major focus not only games, but also interactive application experiences. There is somewhat of a long list of these apps. Some are meant for relaxation purposes, others offer music experiences in new visual ways. Virry though, Virry offers to bring you on a Virtual Safari trip and it does quite an amazing job.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood Review - Rockin’ Roller Coaster

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

It’s no secret that Until Dawn is one of my favorite PS4 games. It took the idea of an interactive horror story to the next level with incredible graphics, acting, and branching paths. It was a AAA Telltale Game and an awesome horror story in its own right. You could imagine my excitement when they announced a new game in the series for VR.

Sony's Paris Games Week 2015 Conference - All the Announcements in One Place!

Paris Games Week 2015

I've often compared the Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3) as Christmas for gamers. This year though, there have been a steady stream of announcements coming down the pipeline for PS4 owners. I dare say that this entire year thus far has been one giant holiday for gamers to enjoy amazing new titles and some epic new announcements.


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