Call of Cthulhu Preview - The Great Old Ones

Call of Cthulhu

When I mention the name Howard Phillips Lovecraft, or H.P Lovecraft, two things should happen to you. The first is a cold chill that starts at the base of your neck and slides down your spine like an icy sludge through your body. The second is the undeniable feeling that someone is standing behind you, looking over your shoulder. Go ahead, check behind you. Nothing? Huh, that’s interesting.

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You are walking around a brick building with dawn on the horizon. All you can see around you is fog as you traverse the cemetery behind it. Large columns, steel fences, and trees litter the vicinity of the land. You are trying to sneak around the area in an effort to find food and supplies, all the while trying to avoid what may be in the darkness. You hear footsteps, the gnashing of teeth, and right when you think you’re in the clear? You see something running at you – another damn zombie.


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