The Evil Within DLC Review - Stealth and Gore Galore!

The Evil Within was a welcome return to form for Shinji Mikami, widely known as the father of horror games. His PS4 debut was a wild ride through blood, gore, and pure insanity. It was for the most part a very good game, but it didn't have the true horror of other contemporaries. This was due mostly to the fact that it wavered in the middle acts into an action game of sorts.

The Kitchen on Project Morpheus - Horror Comes to VR

We all know that virtual reality can be an immersive experience, but just how far can it go? When Project Morpheus was announced, my first though was how could they do a horror game with this?Turns out Capcom had the same thought because they developed a tech demo for the virtual reality headset called "The Kitchen."

So, while it's not a game (yet) this tech demo has been getting some serious buzz after gaming journalists were able to take it for a spin. Want to know if horror and VR mix? Keep on reading to find out!


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