Pathologic 2: Marble Nest Review - Don’t Fear The Reaper

Pathologic 2 Marble Nest

Pathologic 2 came out on PS4 in an interesting time. It’s reflective of our world today, despite the rest of the setting being incredibly unique compared to most games. It’s the threat of the plague, and the actions that must be taken to halt the spread that mirror the world we live in today.

Pathologic 2 Review - Showing Symptoms

Pathologic 2

Given the current Coronavirus pandemic causing very real damage around the world, it’s especially sobering to be reviewing a game about a town in the clutches of a plague. Pathologic 2, a new survival game for PS4, comes at an interesting time in history, offering a darker, weirder, but still relevant look into a different place and a different time, albeit a place stricken with a similar plague.


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