Need For Speed Beta Review

The Need For Speed beta is one of the best beta experiences I’ve had in terms of content. I was really surprised how much of the game was available during the beta and it really gave me a great peek into what the full release will contain. Keeping in mind with any beta you will run into connection issues with the server, bugs and other minor nuisances, but that's the whole point so I’m not going give you the tidbits of agony.

Mad Max Review

Video game adaptations of movies often turn out to be stinkers and that reason alone is enough to smother sales for these types of titles. Pitting a movie adaption against a highly loved and successful franchise is probably not the best to fight an already uphill battle, but then again Mad Max has always been against the odds as a character so why not make it so with the game adaption? Mad Max sales are doing “OK” but would be doing much better if it could have been released a month earlier.

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain Review

This may be one of the most difficult reviews of my career and for good reason. I have been a fan of Metal Gear since the beginning and there isn't a lot of people that can say that. Back in the late 80's the idea of a stealth game like Metal Gear was pretty much unheard of. We didn't have access to the internet like we do today so there was no getting help on the fly. We did have strategy guides, but it wasn't nearly as indepth as it now and it wasn't as simple as just running to a GameStop to pick one up and thats if there even a guide written to cover the game you're playing.


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