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I have lived and died so many times, saying I have lost count sounds like an understatement. Knowing I’ll be sprung back to life if I’m struck down, brings little comfort to me in the moment. I’ve been burned alive... shot, stabbed, drowned and more. All physically painless, I don’t even flinch. Like a moth to a flame, I’m attracted to the chaos, except I don’t burnout.

Catching up with PlayStation

There has been an awful lot going on with PlayStation in recent weeks and it’s easy to miss some of the tid bits between the major announcements. As you’re probably aware The Game Awards and the PlayStation Experience took place recently this month, but you may not know The Witcher 3 took Game of the Year from the Game Awards this year.

Sony's Paris Games Week 2015 Conference - All the Announcements in One Place!

Paris Games Week 2015

I've often compared the Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3) as Christmas for gamers. This year though, there have been a steady stream of announcements coming down the pipeline for PS4 owners. I dare say that this entire year thus far has been one giant holiday for gamers to enjoy amazing new titles and some epic new announcements.

Playstation: The Discussion

As October comes to a close and the holiday season begins, there will be plenty of sporadic news updates coming from all ends of the internet. While it’s difficult to keep up with everything, I’ll do my best to help keep you up to date with everything that's relevant to the PS4. For starters, this may seem like a minor tidbit but, Sony’s PS4 did mange to claim another month as the top selling console in September. Some analyst claim that the current gen consoles have reached their peak and sales will begin to decline. I think that's nonsense of course and many others agree.

Check out the HORI FPS Plus third party controller for PS4

During E3 we caught wind of an Xbox style controller with a PS4 touchpad from the HORI company based in Japan. The PS4 has been on shelves for nearly 2 years now and this is the first third party controller designed for the PS4 and with Xbox players in mind. Granted many of us can agree that it's not the most attractive design, but it serves its purpose.

The Sony E3 2015 Press Conference Review

E3 is well under way and there’s much more to be revealed throughout the days ahead, but right now we’re here to update you on Sony’s press conference last night. Sony really hit it off with fans right from the start by confirming The Last Guardian is still happening and is a PS4 exclusive. The Last Guardian has been in development for at least 8 years and Team Ico has been hard at work. Originally announced for the PS3, the title had rendered near cancellation status as it seemed we would never see the day of release.

Memorial Day: Observed by a Gamer

I’d like to start by wishing everyone a happy Memorial Day. Originally observed on May the 30th, in 1968 it was passed by Congress as the Uniform Holiday Act and was designated to the last Monday of every May. This would ensure a three day weekend and marks the unofficial first day of Summer. A holiday widely celebrated by the gaming community, Memorial Day is not a day to only spend grieving for the lost lives of fallen soldiers, but a day to appreciate them and be thankful.


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