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The Final Station Review - Running on Time

The Final Station

If you look at a lot of the post-apocalyptic horror games and movies these days, you'll find that they are all pretty static. Many of them tend to take place in one location where survivors are seeking to survive. Very few of them go on a journey, but there are exceptions to the rule. The Final Station is one such example of a story that's going places, quite literally in fact.

The Kitchen on Project Morpheus - Horror Comes to VR

We all know that virtual reality can be an immersive experience, but just how far can it go? When Project Morpheus was announced, my first though was how could they do a horror game with this?Turns out Capcom had the same thought because they developed a tech demo for the virtual reality headset called "The Kitchen."

So, while it's not a game (yet) this tech demo has been getting some serious buzz after gaming journalists were able to take it for a spin. Want to know if horror and VR mix? Keep on reading to find out!

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