Black Ops IIII Beta - First Thoughts

The first weekend of the Call of Duty Black Ops IIII beta has come and gone. We’ve learned a lot about what Treyarch hopes to deliver, but a lot has already changed over the course of the beta and more changes are on the way.

You can’t really review a beta, but you can certainly drop some first thoughts on an upcoming title. Some gamers are claiming that nothing has in CoD, but Black Ops IIII has definitely brought forth something different. It looks like a CoD game, but it feels different to me.

Marvel Heroes Omega

Marvel fans, rejoice! We will all be treated to a pretty fun Free-To-Play title, featuring many of your favorite Marvel Super Heroes. Not fully an MMO or RPG, but taking just a few elements from both sides, have given this game enough fuel to leave a good impression.

Marvel Heroes Omega is currently in its closed beta phase on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The developers over at Gazzilion Games, invited me to play this weekend, and I put a lot of time in. Perhaps the most difficult decision was choosing which hero to play as.

Here's some of whats coming to PS4 in update 4.50

While not everyone will be invited to test the System Software 4.50 beta, everyone will have something to look forward to when the full update is rolled out to the world. During these beta tests, we don’t get to try everything that is coming, but do get to test some major features. Here’s a look at what is coming to the next PS4 update, 4.50, later this year.

For Honor - Prepare for the beta!

For Honor is about to release in a couple weeks, but if you didn’t get a chance to play in either the closed alpha or beta, you’ll be able to download and play the open beta on Feb. 9-12, next week. To help players prepare for the battle, I’m dropping some tips to get started with, along with an overview of the game. For tips, you can scroll down the page a little further.

The Division Beta

The Division Beta has come and gone, but it certainly had a few bumps in the road. It seemed there were mass amounts of Gamers that pre-ordered the game, but did not receive their beta codes through email. Ubisoft went ahead and stated they could no longer guarantee access for pre-orders, let alone the free wait list of those hoping to get in without the pre-order. They extended the beta by 24 hours, which was nice, but in many regards didn’t help the thousands left waiting to get in. For many, it was too late by the time they got their codes.

Need For Speed Beta Review

The Need For Speed beta is one of the best beta experiences I’ve had in terms of content. I was really surprised how much of the game was available during the beta and it really gave me a great peek into what the full release will contain. Keeping in mind with any beta you will run into connection issues with the server, bugs and other minor nuisances, but that's the whole point so I’m not going give you the tidbits of agony.

Black Ops III Beta Review

Now that PS4 players have had the chance to let the beta resonate after a long week of gaming, it’s time for us to review the first real taste of Black Ops III. I’d like to get some minor issues out of the way real quick that can be solely based on it being a beta itself. There were plenty of times we’re lag was an issue and waiting to find matches took ages. Friends lists worked off and on and joining parties often created errors which needed to be resolved by closing out the application at times. While these things were a nuisance at best, this is all part of the beta.


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