Microsoft On PS4: Specs Not Important, Games Are

Microsoft On PS4: Specs Not Important, Games Are

We all know the PlayStation 4 is the most powerful next-generation console, a point that has been repeatedly made by developers, analysts and other influential members of the gaming industry including Sony itself.

What is Microsoft to do, now that the Xbox One is not only getting beaten in terms of specs but also in sales? Turn the attention away from hardware talk and focus on the games, the one final area that may help them in the battle against the PlayStation 4.

Microsoft's Australasian vice president of sales and marketing, Alan Bowman, has issued a statement on behalf of his company stating that specs aren't important, it's the games that are:

"We're optimistic about this generation as well. We've got a unique value proposition, and from just a pure specs perspective it's always gonna be fairly marginal difference," Bowman said. "The purists are gonna argue the toss, but I think it comes down to the games."

He then goes on to speak about the Xbox One's exclusive games.

With the PlayStation 4 currently having more exclusives than the Xbox One thanks to its diverse indie portfolio, Microsoft has an uphill battle ahead of itself. In addition, the PlayStation 4 is the more powerful console and will give a better experience for any multiplatform game, so even gamers who feel its all about the gamers will still choose the PS4.

Could we see the Microsoft start to buy exclusives, like it seemingly did with Titanfall? Will Sony do whatever it takes to keep its lead and its exclusive games?

Let us know in the comments PS4 Experts readers!

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 1/16/2014

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