Sony Unveils The Ultimate PS4 FAQ

Sony Unveils The Ultimate PS4 FAQ

If you've been following the PS4 Experts website for quite some time, chances are good that you are already a bastion of PS4 knowledge. However, even you may find some new information about the PlayStation 4 in Sony's freshly unveiled PS4 FAQ, detailing everything you'd ever want to know about the console.

Uploaded to the PlayStation Blog, this FAQ is an exhaustive look at every aspect of the PS4.

Not only does it cover the system details and the launch lineup, but it also covers aspects of the PS4 such as how the system will handle used games, how the PS4 Camera interacts with the system and information on sharing gameplay video with friends.

PS4 Experts, does anything in this FAQ catch you by surprise? Any new information that you're shocked to see? In the coming days leading up to launch, we'll be going over the information found in the FAQ in great detail so keep it locked to PS4 Experts for all your PS4 news!

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 11/1/2013

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