Sony Promises Many Great Games In 2014

Sony Promises Many Great Games In 2014

In an interview with the Daily Mail Express Online, Sony mentioned that many great games are coming in 2014, most of them unannounced.

Playstation UK Managing Director Fergal Gara claims these games will "push the boundaries of the PS4" and that "All of our major studios are working on PS4 content. These guys are experimenting with and working on the new platform."

Have we heard of any of these games? Gara says no. "They may not have announced games specifically but our big studio network is focused primarily on PS4."

Gara goes on to say that the developers he is alluding to are some of Sony's best. "Their heritage is fantastic and it is a great platform to develop for. So I am looking forward to some great surprises and amazing experiences." Gara concludes by saying "There are going to be some real gems."

Could we be seeing a new God of War in 2014? Another entry in LittleBigPlanet or ModNation Racers? Or will Sony dig deep into the vaults and give us a new MediEvil?

What do you think PS4 Experts readers? What games do you want to see on the PS4?

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 12/28/2013

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GTA:v or be able to download gta:v online mode this is what should of be asked to Playstation UK Managing Director Fergal Gara.


True that!!!!!

Shenmue 3

We want Shenmue 3 in 2014 !!!

Shenmue series.

Would love to see what was possibly the most advanced game of all time at the stage of release to come to next gen. I've played many great games on all platforms but shenmue is still my fave game of all time. Make it happen sony.


yes make it happen Lollipop Chainsaw 2 mmmmm and a The Last Of Us 2 and a Left 4 Dead 3 i know it's only on xbox and pc but whatever anyways also a Chrono Trigger Hd Remastered Edition and to top it off Megaman Legends 1 and 2 Hd Collection Edition for PS4 that's about it if those games come together with final fantasy XV The Witcher 3 Watchdogs Black Ops 3 and The Division i can die a very happy man yes


MediEvil... iplayed that when i was somewhat 7 or 8? lol but thats nice if they bring back that game... it would be fun cause i my self enjoyed that game....

Socon 2

one of playstations best games ever