Sony Needs "A Couple Of Months" To Satisfy PS4 Demand

Sony Needs

In an interview with the Daily Express, the managing director of Sony's UK PlayStation branch, Fergal Gara, discussed the current stock, or lack thereof, of the PlayStation 4.

So, when can you expect to find a PS4?

Unfortunately, Gara claimed that it would be a couple of months before Sony is able to supply enough stock to meet demand on a daily basis. This is a stark difference from Microsoft and the Xbox One, a console which currently lines store shelves around the world.

While the quick sellout of the PlayStation 4 so far after launch is good for the system, it's bad for gamers who are still looking for one. Gamers hoping to find a PlayStation 4 after the holidays ended will definitely find disappointment in that it may be a little harder to find a system than they thought.

What do you think, PS4 Experts readers? Do you think Sony is slacking on distributing PlayStation 4 consoles? What would you do differently?

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 12/28/2013

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PS4 Shortfalls in Demand and Supply!!!

It's pretty sad that Sony has failed in the afterwards of the initial launch... They said that there wouldn't be shortages in new systems yet all they were able to do is fill all of the pre-ordered systems! I didn't pre-order and im kind of glad I didn't at least Sony can work out the bugs that appeared after the launch.

blah blah

Sony has put out over 5million units, so all you purists and ney sayers stuff it. While nothing is perfect I think Sony is doing damn good!

Release Them

It was very disappointing for my son and I that he didn't find a PS4 under the Christmas tree. When the PS4 was launched Sony should have made sure that they would have a lot more available. Just think of the sales they would have had world wide.