Sony Bundles Free PS Plus Membership And PSN Credit With Launch Day PS4s

Sony Bundles Free PS Plus Membership And PSN Credit With Launch Day PS4sPlanning on getting a PlayStation 4 when it launches on November 15th, 2013? Luckily for you, Sony is looking to sweeten the deal for all launch window customers by giving away not just one, but two freebies with every PS4 console.

Included with the PS4 for a very limited time will be a free 30-day PlayStation Plus membership and a free $10 voucher for the PlayStation Store!

As you likely know, PlayStation Plus is required for online multiplayer with the PlayStation 4, but the membership also gives you access to Resogun and Contrast for free from the PlayStation Network as part of the Instant Game Collection! So technically, not only are you getting a months worth of PlayStation Plus access for free but also two free games for the length of the membership.

The $10 voucher can be spent on any item in the PlayStation Store, such as movies, music or games. $10 may not seem like a lot but it can go a long way; after all, you can use that $10 to upgrade a PlayStation 3 game, such as Battlefield 4, to its PlayStation 4 digital equivalent!

How will you spend your $10 voucher, PS4 Experts readers? Let us know in the comments!

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 11/13/2013

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So glad this info has been shared. I was wondering bout this just yesterday

So wot do us uk preorder ps4

So wot do us uk preorder ps4 buyers get??? F all I bet....we wont get free £10 voucher I bet


Do the 30 free days get added to your acct, if you are already a ps+ member?