What Else do I Need to Know Regarding Upgrading my PS4’s Hard Drive?

The PlayStation 4 features an easy to remove 500 GB hard drive. We covered how to replace and upgrade your hard drive in this article in case you were wondering. Now the question is, how big can you go? As we covered before, once you get into downloading full games, 500GB probably isn’t going to do much in the way of serving you. So how far can you push the system until you break it? More importantly, why does the size of your PS4’s hard drive matter? Let’s find out.

Size Matters
Sure, that goes for the amount of data the hard drive of the PS4 can hold, but in this case, the physical size of your hard drive matters as well. This is due to the PS4 having very specific size constraints. You can only install a 2.5” hard drive with a 9.5mm or less height. This is what is really limiting the installations of larger drives. There are some 2TB drives that are out there in this range but they are quite expensive and you can’t skimp on price our quality really because it has to be at least 5400 RPM meaning the faster SATA II. Confusing to be sure, but it’s necessary information you need to know.

Given these size constraints, right now you are limited to mainly 1TB drives. You can go big and get the 2TB but you have to be very careful and ensure that the drive you purchase meets all the standards or else, it won’t work.

External Storage
Unfortunately, external storage is not something that PlayStation 4 supports. Even though this would be a very simple and noninvasive way for the system to be upgraded, trying to hook up an external hard drive to back up your system simply will not work.

Future Patches
This is just the beginning of the PlayStation 4 run and we’re likely to see more and more changes as the use of the system is more defined. Right now, Sony has based their design off of what the last system does with some projection for the future. By and large, people are still purchasing disc based games for their consoles. Even at revel, it was clear that fans were not ready to give up their disk based games in favor of a digital marketplace just yet.

What Else do I Need to Know Regarding Upgrading my PS4’s Hard Drive?This could certainly change in the coming years however with things like the Steam Machine coming onto the market that will make the digital purchases for living room gaming much more common. As the world becomes more wired, we should see a shift in how games are purchased and shared.

That being said, if that becomes a reality, the 500 GB storage that we currently have will be woefully inadequate and players will have to turn to the cloud storage more and more. A solution that not everyone is comfortable with.

I can’t see Sony not releasing a patch at some point that will allow for external storage to be incorporated into the system which will allow many fans to fully embrace the digital lifestyle. Which, after all. Is something that Sony has admitted to wanting.

Future Tech
As said before, size is an issue. You’re only going to be able to fit a hard drive into the slot that is as big as the slot. There’s no give for that. But as time marches on, our technology gets smaller especially when there’s a demand for it. Right now the hard drive that slides into the PS4 is the standard size for laptops. The laptop is becoming a standard and replacing the desktop for primary computers in many households and even offices.

This is good news for PS4 players because as their needs increase so will the technology to meet that, meaning as more people need storage on their laptops, more developers will begin to create larger storage options in that size. At that point players should see an increase in options for their systems.

Bottom Line
Right now players looking to upgrade are really limited to mainly 1TB with some options for 1.5TB and 2TB upgrades but there aren’t many. If you players can wait it out for a few months or a year, they’ll more than likely see more options becoming available as technology catches up with need.

So players, upgrading or waiting until more options become available?

Article by - Dusty W.
Insert Date: 12/14/2013

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