The History of Shuhei Yoshida, the Man Behind PlayStation

History Shuhei Yoshida

Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony's Worldwide Studios for Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., is known by many as the face of the PlayStation brand. He's constantly on Twitter, responding to fan queries and comments, and can be found at every big PlayStation announcement at every conference.

Engadget has transcribed an amazing interview that took place between Yoshida and Mark Cerny that shows just how passionate Yoshida is about the PlayStation brand.

As Engadget notes, Yoshida is the driving force behind games such as Gran Turismo, Uncharted and Crash Bandicoot. The PlayStation has him to thank for its success.

If you've interested in learning about one of the greatest minds behind the PlayStation brand, we encourage you to check out the linked Engadget piece!

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 4/13/2014

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