Shaq Fu Sequel Could Hit PlayStation 4

Shaq Fu PS4

Shaq Fu is widely known as one of the worst games of all time. Released on the Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Game Boy and a few other systems, this one-on-one fighting game starred basketball star Shaquille O'Neal as he fought against a mummy, a cat woman, cops from the future and imaginary characters based on Shaq's first rap album.

If you haven't played it then yes, it's as stupid as it sounds. It played even worse.

Out of all the games in the world, we never expected Shaq-Fu to get a sequel but here we are, thanks to developer Big Deez Productions and crowd-funding website Indiegogo.

On the Indiegogo funding page, it has been announced that if funding can get to $450,000 by May 5th, a PS4 version of the game will be produced.

Currently, funding is at $227,000, so there is a small possibility that the game could be released on the PS4. The question is does anybody want it to be?

On May 6th, 2014, it was announced that Shaq Fu 2 was fully funded and will be hitting the PlayStation 4, presumably in 2015.

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 4/19/2014
Updated: 5/8/2014

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