Selling your PS3 on Craigslist

Selling your PS3 on CraigslistThe PlayStation 4’s release date is drawing near, and sure the world is rejoicing; that is, everyone except you. Watch Dogs, inFamous: Second Son and a whole host of games are going to be available very soon on Sony’s next-gen console, yet you cannot afford to purchase the PS4. It’s a shame, you’ve been depressed; hey, we understand. The PS4 is the second coming of gaming, it’s going to be great, and you have every reason to be upset.

Yet, there is a way you can afford to purchase a PlayStation 4 on launch day – or at the very least get a strong start to purchasing Sony’s next great console. You may not like it, you may even object at the notion of what I’m about to tell you, yet consider the option before you scoff. Ready?

Sell your PS3 and your games on Craigslist.
If you’re upset, I fully understand. You’ve had some great times with your games and your PS3 over the years, but now may be the time to move on. If you can’t bring yourself to accepting the notion of selling your PS3 collection, take some time, think it over, and come back. As for the rest of you, hang tight (or hang ten, whatever your situation may be), because I’m about to tell you everything you need to know about not only selling your PS3, but also how to get the best price in doing so.

You’re also going to learn about how to avoid the inevitable scam emails that you are going to receive when selling your PS3. Craigslist can be a great asset when you’re trying to make some quick money, but it’s also infested with people that are trying to scam you out of your treasured belongings. Follow everything below, and you will be fine. Ready? Let’s get to it!

Find Everything you are Going to Sell
Find everything associated with your PS3 that you are going to sell, and place it in a particular location; such as your bed, for instance. If you’re like me, you are probably going to have to search for a while to find every PS3 game and accessory that you are going to sell. Once you have found everything that you own, go through each game case one-by-one and test them to see if they start up on your PS3. You don’t want to sell games that are scratched and unplayable – I mean come on, would you want that to happen to you? Of course not, so don’t do this to someone else.

Once you have tested all of your games, place the games (if there are any) that do not operate in a separate pile to use for later. Everything else? Place it in a well-lit area so you can take pictures of your merchandise.

Quick hint: Don’t throw away the games that you do not want just yet! Try trading them into Amazon or Gamestop to get a little bit of cash, in-store credit, or an Amazon gift card. Places such as these have disc cleaning machines that will attempt to ‘buff out’ any scratches that are keeping the game from working. If they cannot get them to play, you will be told that there is no use for them, to which you will be given the disc back (and if this happens, contact a place such as and ask them about recycling your games).

Take Pictures of Your Merchandise
Now it’s time to take some pictures. Place your PS3, games, accessories, etc. into a well-lit area so viewers of your Craigslist ad can clearly see what you are selling. Take the following types of pictures so people will have a good indication as to what they are purchasing:

  1. An image of the PS3, wires, and controllers. If you are selling a Bluetooth headset, a PlayStation Move – basically, anything that isn’t a game – place it into this shot as well.
  2. Lay your games’ cases on their back with the cover facing upward. Place them all side-by-side and snap a picture of them lying together. If you cannot fit all of your games into one shot, take multiple shots until you have an image of all of them.
  3. Take a group shot of your PS3, your accessories, and your games (there is no need to have the games facing upward in this picture). It’s just a nice image that allows viewers to know you are including everything in one package.
  4. Take a picture of the model number of your console - especially if your PS3 is an older model that is backwards compatible. This PS3 model is highly sought after, and you can increase the price of your PS3 as a result.

Selling your PS3 on CraigslistsPosting Your Ad to Craigslist
Open your browser and visit From there, visit the city that is closest to your community under the appropriate state or country.Once you are in your respective cities’ section of Craigslist, select ‘Post to Classifieds’ in the upper left corner of the page.

Optional: You can also select ‘My Account’ and choose to create an account on Craigslist. This is great if your PS3 does not sell, or you want to make edits to the ad in the future. I highly suggest that you create an account if you have not (or sign into your account before you post the ad), but it isn’t necessary.

Next, select ‘For sale by owner,’ then select ‘Continue.’ Select ‘Video Gaming – by owner,’ and select ‘Continue’ once again.Write your ‘Posting Title,’ ‘Price,’ ‘Specific Location,’ ‘Posting Description,’ ‘Reply to’ information (more on the correct way to fill out this information in a moment), then select ‘Continue.’ Upload the images from your camera, smartphone – whatever device you used to take the pictures of your console with – to your computer. Once you have done so, select ‘Choose Files’ to find your images to upload to your ad.

Once you have chosen the images you want to use, select ‘Done with Images.’Ensure everything looks good, and when you are ready, select ‘Publish.’

Writing Your Craigslist Ad
As you can see above, my Craiglist ad isn’t as complete as it should be. If I had posted the ad above, no one would have contacted me, and I wouldn’t be able to sell my PS3. Therefore, you need to be as detailed as possible to ensure that you get as many contacts as possible regarding your merchandise. Here’s how to write a suitable Craigslist post:

  • Write a title that is attention grabbing
    • Example:‘Backwards compatible PS3 for sale. Amazing condition, 2 controllers, 20 games, MUST SEE!’ I don’t know about you, but I would definitely click on this ad if I saw it.
  • Write a description of the console, games, etc.
    • Describe the condition of the PS3 in detail. If it has a few scratches, describe the scratches. If there are a few scuff marks on the controllers, let the viewer know. Be honest about any blemishes on the console, as this will let the viewer know you are not trying to scam anyone.
    • List your games.
  • Give a fair price
    • Conduct research on Amazon, Gamestop, etc. and find out what your games can be sold for. Visit Ebay and find out the average that each video game is being sold for, as well as your consoles, accessories, etc. This will give you a good idea as to what everything is worth, and when you get a good idea, add it all together and place a price on your ad. Not only will this allow people to know what you are selling it for, but when someone tries to lowball you on your price (and it will happen), you will have the ammunition to be able to tell them why your ad is priced as it is.
  • (Optional) Write your cell phone number in the body of the ad
    • This does two things: it gives people a chance to get ahold of you instead of emailing you. This is great because many people search Craigslist when they are bored on their mobile device, and if they spot your ad and are interested, they can text you in a few seconds wanting to know if you still have it for sale.
    • It allows people to know that you are a real person, and you are not trying to scam anyone.
    • Write your number in the following format: 555-55five-5fivefivefive. Unfortunately, some people send bot crawlers around Craigslist searching for phone numbers they can use to sell and/or scam people. Bot crawlers cannot detect phone numbers written in the format above, meaning this is for your safety and sanity (seriously, who wants people calling your number trying to sell you weight loss pills at every hour of the day).
  • Publish your ad!

Sit Back and Wait
It’s now time to play the waiting game. Chances are fair that you will not have to wait long for people to begin contacting you about buying your PS3. Many of them will probably attempt to haggle your price down, so use your best judgment. You know how much you want to sell your PS3 for, so don’t accept any ridiculously low offers! If someone gives you a hard time on your price in hopes that you will lower it, inform them of the research you conducted regarding the prices of what you are selling. If you feel comfortable selling your PS3 for less, feel free to do so, yet under no circumstances should you agree to sell your PS3 at a price you are not comfortable with!

Someone Agreed to my Price - Now What?
Now it is time to meet the individual and sell everything you are offering to them.

Meeting the Potential Buyer
Obtain an address of the individual’s residence, grab the merchandise you are selling, and meet them. It is wise to bring a trusted friend or family member with you to sell your merchandise, as you have no idea what type of person you are going to meet. Most of the time the people you are meeting are harmless, but if you get an uneasy feeling as to the neighborhood or the residence of the person, trust your instinct and drive away. It is better to be safe than sorry after all.

Quick Note: Always meet the person rather than allowing the person to meet you. You have no idea who you are talking to when conducting Craigslist transactions, so to be safe, never give the potential buyer any indication as to where you live.

Once you arrive at the location, do what you would normally do: politely knock on their door with your merchandise in-hand, and wait for them to open the door. Walk into their residence with your friend/family member, plug up your PS3 to their television, and prove to them that the PS3 works. Put a few random games into the PS3, show them the games play normally, and if they are still serious about the purchase, they will pay you.

Quick Note: If they attempt to pay you in a check, do not accept it. Accept cash, or wait for them to obtain a money order from a local business or their bank.

Once they pay you, walk out with a smile on your face, and be happy. You have some money to put toward a new PS4, that’s awesome! Great job! Digital high five!

Article by - Dusty W.
Insert Date: 10/3/2013

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