Resogun DLC Incoming?

Housemarquee recently tweeted this interesting image, foreshadowing potential Resogun DLC:

What could the DLC be? Considering that local co-op play was one of the only things Resogun was missing, and looking at how two people are on the same couch playing Resogun together, we can only surmise that local co-op will be coming to Resogun as DLC.

We don't think it will be the only offering, and Housemarquee says as much in the tweet. We can safely assume that new ships, levels and trophies will be part of the offering as well, but time will tell.

Resogun was the standout hit of the PlayStation 4's launch, so more of a great thing is always welcomed!

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 4/20/2014

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