Resogun: Official PS4 Experts Review

Resogun may just be one of the PlayStation 4's biggest hits, appearing out of virtually nowhere to provide one of the most exciting, addictive challenges on the PlayStation 4. If you're a PlayStation Plus member, you've most likely tried Resogun, as it was one of the two free PS4 games available for Plus members. If you're still on the fence, is Resogun worth your bandwidth?

Arcade Gameplay
When you first try Resogun, chances are you will likely be overwhelmed at the amount of action onscreen. The game throws you directly into the action, with tutorial messages appearing onscreen in the middle of said action, but no tutorial mode directly instructing you what to do. Let's break Resogun down in a nutshell.

When you first begin the game, you will choose from one of three ships: the overall balanced ship, the ship that sacrifices power for speed and the ship that sacrifices speed for power. Overall, this is standard for any arcade game, especially a shoot 'em up, or shmup, of which Resogun technically classifies.

All ships have the same functions: a standard laser attack that shoots out from the front of your ship, a boost that enables you to quickly navigate the playfield (more on that later), a bomb that decimates anything on the playfield and an overdrive attack that, when charged, slows down time and lets you obliterate everything in your path.

The playfield in Resogun is set up like a translucent sphere, letting you see what's happening in the background while you attack enemies in the foreground; the spherical shape of each level allows you to move from left to right at will to navigate the sphere. The basic gameplay in Resogun isn't that complex when looking at it during a calm moment: you destroy enemies to fill up a bar at the bottom of the screen, specifically targeting the glowing green enemies called “keepers” to free humans from a cube. Grab the humans, place them in the escape pod and, when the humans are saved the bar is full, you fight a boss. Kill the boss, you finish the level. Killing enemies in quick succession adds to your multiplier, which increases your score, and defeated enemies drop orbs to fill your overdrive attack.

Resogun: Official PS4 Experts ReviewSaving humans and raising your multiplier are optional, as all you need to do to beat a level is to kill the boss, but here is where that addictive arcade gameplay comes in. You will frequently replay levels, attempting to keep your multiplier alive and as high as possible, while saving as many humans as possible to boost your end of level score. While you can play levels one at a time, defeating multiple levels back-to-back increases your score exponentially.

Yes, it all seems slightly confusing reading it in text, and your first few games with Resogun will likely leave you slightly confused. But stick with it because once it clicks, once you find the magic moment where you get a grasp on how to play, it all becomes worth it. The controls are flawless and even though some deaths are cheap, especially when the game spawns enemies right on top of you, you'll keep coming back for just one. more. game.

The PlayStation 4 Advantage
Resogun is a beautiful game, rendered almost entirely in voxels. Your enemies will explode into square blocks, and you'll be chipping away at bosses weak points seeing the damage occur in real time. This also presents the game's one real flaw: sometimes, the amount of voxels onscreen gets to be too much, obstructing your view of the playfield. To the game's credit, it never slows down even when there is a lot of action onscreen at one time, but it can be visually overwhelming.

Resogun also takes advantage of the DualShock 4's speaker by using it to narrate onscreen actions. For example, the speaker will tell you when you've powered up your ship or lost a human. At first, this feature is clever, but over time it will start to become grating as your controller keeps narrating over and over again in a loud, monotone voice out of the substandard quality speaker. It would have been better to just keep the narration on the television with the rest of the action, as it feels like the DualShock 4's speaker was only used just because it was a new feature on the PlayStation 4.

Overall though, these are just minor nitpicks and on the whole, Resogun doesn't have any major issues to bring up.

One special mention is Resogun's trophy set; while many developers make a bland set of trophies, the developers of Resogun have gone the extra mile to make some creative trophies. While the usual “beat x level” trophies are included, some trophies are clever, such as rescuing two humans within one second of each other and clearing an entire level only using your boost. If you're a trophy hunter, you're going to have a blast going for some of these trophies, adding another level to Resogun's addictive nature.

Final Verdict
In many ways, Resogun is Sony's answer to Geometry Wars, the Xbox 360's most-downloaded game and a go-to game for players looking for quick bursts of retro, arcade-flavored content. Resogun is fast-paced, with levels only taking a few minutes to complete at the most, but the need to always increase your score and beat your friends will have you keep coming back for more. Resogun isn't for everyone, and the onscreen action can get too frantic at times, but once you're in the zone Resogun provides an experience you can't get anywhere else on the PlayStation 4.

If you're not into replaying a game for score and bragging rights, Resogun will likely be a short experience as the game is only five levels long. Even though it has multiple difficulty levels, including an unlockable one, if you're the type of gamer who only plays a game through once and is not competitive at all, Resogun likely won't be the game for you.

For everyone else though, I'll see you on the leaderboard.

Final Score: 9/10

Game Category: Shooter and Indie

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 1/8/2014

June 2014 Update

The "Heroes" DLC has launched for Resogun! For $5, you will receive:

- A Survival mode featuring a new stage
- A new Demolition mode

This update is hot on the heels of a free update that added local co-op and some new trophies.

Watch the Resogun Trailer:

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