Redbox Now Offering PlayStation 4 Games

Redbox PlayStation 4 Games

You've probably seen the Redbox kiosk at your local grocery store, corner store, Wal-Mart store, and gas station. You've probably even used them once or twice to rent a last generation video game: At $2 a day, Redbox offers one of the cheapest and most convenient ways to rent a video game.

It's taken Redbox a few months, but the company is now offering PlayStation 4 game rentals at select Redbox locations.

Redbox only offers a small fraction of the PlayStation 4's game library, however:

The lineup is kind of sparse at the moment, but it's not a bad start, especially with the inclusion of InFamous Second Son. It's assumed that PS4 games will still cost the $2 per night rental fee as Redbox does not mention a price increase for current generation games.

Redbox has provided a list of available PS4 games on its website along with the option to hold them for pickup at your local Redbox kiosk. Keep in mind, though, that not every kiosk is stocking PlayStation 4 games currently as the program is still rolling out nationally.

Will you take a PS4 Redbox game rental for a spin? Let us know in the comments and on Facebook!

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 4/8/2014

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All the games listed there that I want to play I already own. Though I do like the idea. Sure, if they have a game I want to check out I'll rent it. Unless I already know for sure I want it, then I'll just go and buy it.