A Classic Franchise Revived On The PS4 With Wolfenstein: The New Order

Released in 1992, Wolfenstein 3D is known as the granddaddy of first-person shooters. However, the series has had difficulty keeping itself in the public eye: it took nine years for a sequel, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, to appear in 2001 and then another eight years before the release of Wolfenstein in 2009. PlayStation fans may remember this game debuting on the PlayStation 3 to the tune of mediocre reviews as the game's single and multiplayer were merely average but never great. MachineGames with publisher Bethesda Softworks is looking to bring Wolfenstein up from the trenches with Wolfenstein: The New Order for the PlayStation 4, positioning the series once again as an industry leader when it comes to first-person shooters.

When you've had a series that has laid dormant for so long, often times it can be difficult to approach the story. You can't assume your audience has played the older games in many cases and following up on the story for a game that wasn't well-received is risky. Luckily, many gamers have played Wolfenstein 3D, or at least know of it, due to its status as a classic: Wolfenstein: The New Order uses it as a jumping point to craft an alternate reality tale so no prior knowledge of the series is required.

After defeating robo-Hitler at the end of Wolfenstein 3D, main character BJ Blazkowicz is thrown in an insane asylum, most likely because nobody believed his story. Despite Blazkowicz killing Hitler, the Nazis still won World War II and are now technologically superior, not only being the first country to land on the moon but amassing an army of cybernetic dogs, soldiers and robots. With this army, Germany is on its way to total world domination by the early 1960s with only one man standing in their way: BJ Blazkowicz, freed from his asylum prison.

The Nowhere To Hide trailer, released on April 2014, shows just how different the world of Wolfenstein is:

A Classic Franchise Revived On The PS4 With Wolfenstein: The New OrderE3 2013 revealed much about the gameplay, as one would expect with a game only a few months away from launch. Much like its predecessors, Wolfenstein: The New Order remains a first-person shooter and adds a dash of puzzle solving elements to the gameplay.

BJ is accompanied by Anya, who plays the role of "omnipresent voice in your ear" who will give you directions and advice, much like Cortana or, oddly enough, Anya from the first Gears of War.

In a nice throwback to older first-person shooters, BJ can carry a multitude of weapons on him and is not limited to just a handful. BJ Blazkowicz, as the name implies, is a one-man arsenal. In terms of said arsenal, BJ can dual-wield some weapons like pistols and E3 2013 introduced us to a futuristic laser rifle, one capable of blowing holes in cover, such as walls. Your enemies won't be able to hide from you in this game.

Wolfenstein: The New Order keeps the action fast and frantic, another callback to its roots, eschewing any forced stealth scenes. In addition, BJ fires off various quips throughout the game that would be right at home with Duke Nukem, if that sort of humor is your thing.

Embedded below is the Wolfenstein trailer released at E3 2013, which briefly shows off the gameplay at the very end.

Single Player Only
Most surprising is that Wolfenstein: The New Order is a single player only affair: the game has no multiplayer whatsoever. This isn't such an odd choice when you realize that MachineGames is staffed with ex-Starbreeze employees, many of whom worked on classic single player game The Darkness. If anyone can pull off an amazing single player tale it's these guys and if they feel the need to eschew multiplayer to do it, more power to them. The results will definitely be worth it.

Wolfenstein: The New Order is using the id Tech 5 engine, previously used in 2011 release Rage and currently in use with the in-development Doom 4. It's unclear how the engine or the game will take advantage of the PlayStation 4 at this time outside of increased graphical fidelity.

Doom Beta
It has been revealed that all copies of Wolfenstein: The New Order will come with beta access for the new Doom game! No information about the game or the beta is available at the current time.

Half Hour of Gameplay Footage
Bethesda recently streamed the first half hour of the game on Twitch and we have the archived footage ready for you to view!

Release Date
Wolfenstein: The New Order releases on May 20th, 2014 in the United States and May 23rd, 2014 in Europe.

The team at PS4 Experts will keep you up-to-date with the latest news in what sounds like an excellent addition to the PS4 library.

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Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 5/11/2013
Updated: 5/2/2014

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