How Does The PlayStation 4 Compare To The Wii U?

If Nintendo is to be believed, the next generation truly started with the advent of the Wii U, released a year before the PlayStation 4. With Sony billing the PlayStation 4 as a true next generation console, how do the two systems compare to one another?

Technically, the Wii U is a next generation console -- but only compared to the Wii. While the Wii U does boast a significant upgrade from the Wii, especially in that this console marks the first official time Nintendo games can be played in high-definition, the overall specs of the Wii U aren't that impressive. While we won't bore you with a list of specs, be assured that the Wii U is only marginally better than the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, despite being released years after either console.

In comparison, the PlayStation 4 specs, which we've gone over in excruciating detail on this very website, truly represent a next generation leap. Developers using the full power of the PlayStation 4 will create an experience that can't be matched on the Wii U, the true mark of a next generation console.

If you're a gamer looking for the best graphical experience, the PlayStation 4 is definitely the console for you.

Unique Features
The Wii U's defining feature is the GamePad, a large controller with a touch-based screen right in the middle. This feature is used as an interactive map, to control other characters, or to display information that would otherwise be regulated to a menu or submenu.

How Does The PlayStation 4 Compare To The Wii U?While the PlayStation 4 does not feature a screen on its controller, it does feature a rich online infrastructure that the Wii U lacks; gamers who are interested in the social and multiplayer aspects of gaming will enjoy these features.

While the Wii U's GamePad is definitely an innovate feature, it's one many developers have to shoehorn into their games. The PlayStation 4's online features, such as game streaming and extensive social applications, make a natural fit for many games and feel like an extension to any game, rather than a tacked-on feature.

Game Lineup
One of Nintendo's biggest advantages is its rich library of first-party games, such as the Mario, Zelda and Smash Bros. series. Nintendo owns many of the most popular and most recognizable franchises in gaming, a fact that pushes many gamers towards a purchase of a Nintendo system. However, many third-party developers and publishers are moving away from the Wii U, citing a lack of sales as a main feature. Even the games that do show up on the Wii U, such as Batman: Arkham Origins, are missing features found on other systems such as online play.

In comparison, every third-party developer is on board with the PlayStation 4, and with specs similar to a PC its easy for developers to port games to and from the PlayStation 4. If you enjoyed the diverse lineup of games on the PlayStation 3, you can expect the same quality to continue on the PlayStation 4.

Final Verdict
If you're looking for a true next generation experience, the choice is easy: go with a PlayStation 4. This isn't to say the Wii U is a bad console, though if you're looking to have many gaming experiences, it's not a good choice as your main console currently due to a lack of games. However, it does make a great support console, and the combination of PlayStation 4 and Wii U is one that many gamers will enjoy in the coming years.

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 11/1/2013

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