PlayStation 4 Sells Over 5 Million Systems Globally

PlayStation 4 Sells Over 5 Million Systems Globally

For the past few months, we have kept you abreast of Sony's attempts to reach the "5 million consoles sold globally by March 2014" goal that it set for itself at the launch of the PlayStation 4.

We're proud to announce that midway through February 2014, Sony has reached that goal!

The company has announced that it has sold 5.3 million units worldwide for the period from November 15th to February 8th.

Chief executive of Sony’s game operation, Andrew House, made an official statement on the subject. "The PS4 system's momentum just keeps growing," House stated. “I am thrilled that so many customers around the globe have continued to select PS4 as the best place to play.”

Were you part of the 5.3 million or are you still waiting to get your PS4? Let us know in the comments and on Facebook!

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 2/20/2014

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PS4 Failure for BIG let down

All I here is how the ps4 is a brick out of the box. This saddens me because I'm one of the biggest PS fans from PS1. I can understand a few consoles not working here and there, but from what I understand, this was expected yet despite greed, lack of planning, cutting costs per console, deadlines, and just poor PR. Sony seems to not care for millions of customers who despite lack of cash, shopped and bought a ps4 only to find out they were heading into a customer service nightmare. This is all I here from real folks about there experience with the new console. What happened to true customer loyalty and service. Seems like pay me now and maybe I'll fix it later, despite consumer suffering. I'm just saying this is what I have heard all over. Its feb. 21, and you still can't find a decent ps4, or any at the store. Cross my fingers and buy, NO thank you. Supply and demand has taking on a whole new meaning. Too bad for you it seams. or just wait wait wait, and maybe we will help you? Not only am I disappointed I cannot believe Sony wants to make up some of this with charging us to play online WTF!!! I use to say to Xbox players, "You pay for online use?? suckers!!" Now what, my tail is in between my legs, and the ps4 sucks to boot!!! I cant buy a ps4 it has future failure all over it, not much better than ps3 I've heard, than why bother. Why can't Sony just give me the new bells and whistles on my ps3, which is the third console I've had to buy not by choice. They could have called me and I would have saved the company a lot of trouble, time, and saved them from the future. Thank you, for reading Pete

@ Pete

You are a dolt, the total defect rate is about .4% that means out of a 50,000 unit run about 250 may be deffective. Boath Sony and Microsoft are doing a good job of switching out the deffective systems. Yes you do have to pay for online multiplayer big deal. Microsoft put every thing behind pay wall. So if you have a hulu Netflix Amizon Prime or any other web or video service your already paying for, guess what you get to pay for it again. Because you need Xbox gold membership to use it. If your not into online play big deal on ps4. you can still accsess your video services because there not behind another pay wall. Plus the free game rentals alone more than pay for plus membership. DOLT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey Pete

Quit crying because you're too poor to buy a ps4...get a job and quit blabing about stuff that isn't true on a system you don't even own...ps4 have a very low failure rate....01% I have read and are replacing systems as fast as possible...most within two weeks or what we now pay to was inevitable since xbox charges money eventually Sony would just to keep up in sales...get a job or yell up to your mom to throw you down some money in the basement so you can buy an xbox1/wi and go play with the little kids

Thanks Sony for the custom controller

I had a defective controller that the mic didn't work. I sent it back to the company. Not only did they replace the broken one, but they also gave me a larger controller that is more comfortable on my hands because I am a big guy. Talk about service. I'm glad the old controller broke. A custom built controller free of charge. Keep up the great work Sony