Will There Be An Abundance Of Consoles Available On Launch Day Or Do You Have To Preorder Before The Big Day?

Will There Be An Abundance Of Consoles Available On Launch Day Or Do You Have To Preorder Before The Big Day?

There is always a great deal of excitement surrounding the release of a new console. Developers and retailers alike know that new consoles often cause a frenzy in sales, which is why they are available for preorder through many retailers such as Amazon, Gamestop, and more. The act of preordering has become very common and many people assume that the only way to get a new console on launch day is to preorder one. With this in mind, many fans have already gone to their local retailers or favorite online destinations in order to preorder their PlayStation 4. With all of the fans preordering, many are wondering if there will be any PlayStation 4 consoles available for fans after their region’s respective release date.

The answer is yes, there will be consoles available on launch day for any that opted not to preorder a PlayStation 4. Sony’s Jack Tretton has said that the company was “holding back stock” to ensure there would be consoles available for purchase on launch day. There is no number so even though there will be some, how many there will be for purchase is not clear.

Even though the consoles will be available, this is not a guarantee there will be enough to go around. The PlayStation 4 preorders were sold out for many retailers within the span of 24-48 hours after Sony’s E3 reveal. This happened for both physical and online retailers. Many players looking to preorder after that saw a very small window to do so, and many have had their preorders put on backorder for the second shipment to ship to their region. Obviously, the PlayStation 4 is in some seriously high demand.

It is also important to note that the bundles that many retailers are offering are only available for preorders. These bundles can include games or equipment such as an extra controller. Many gamers are expected to switch their ‘console only’ preorders to these specialty bundles.

This is actually good news for fans who either missed preordering for launch day or are looking to purchase one in store on the same day. With preorders being changed over from just the standalone console to some sort of bundle, this means the freestanding console is up for grabs once again, which may lead to people who missed out on preorders or did not want to preorder at all having a second shot at grabbing the console on day one.

Sony is working to keep up with the demand of the PS4 in order to not only keep up with the preorders that are on backorder, but also to ensure that there are consoles in stores for purchase on launch day. Sony has not released official numbers for their preorder sales but have said that they were “very good”.

If the concern is not to get the console on launch day but just in time for the winter holiday, then preordering a console may still be an option. The launch day preorders are by and large sold out however many retailers are still taking orders for future shipments. With the holiday season coming in Western countries, it is unlikely that retailers will not have other shipments coming in regularly.

There are many reasons why fans choose to preorder consoles. For some it is to ensure that there is a console available for them on the day it comes out. Some people how to make sure that they have the console available for gifts if it is during a holiday season. For some, it is just a matter of not wanting to wait in long lines while others just enjoy being able to prepay for the console itself. However, people have just as valid of reasons for not preordering and although they will not have a guarantee of purchasing a PS4 on launch day, they do have a chance of being able to purchase the console shortly thereafter.

Although there will be some consoles available on launch day, fans looking to buy should enter stores with reasonable expectations. Depending on the demand in their area, they may walk away empty handed but Sony is presumably working to ensure that this does not happen.

Did you preorder or are you trying your luck on launch day? Or just skipping the whole mess and waiting a few weeks (or more!) to purchase a console once all the excitement has died down?

Article by - Dusty W.
Insert Date: 10/26/2013

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