PlayStation 4 Continues To Outsell The Xbox One

PlayStation 4 Continues To Outsell The Xbox One

The Entertainment Retailers Association has issued a report detailing the sales of the PlayStation 4 in the United Kingdom, and the results are in: the PlayStation 4 still reigns supreme.

According to the ERA, The PlayStation has sold 530,000 units in the United Kingdom since launch, compared to the Xbox One's 364,000 units. Sony generated £181.8 million in sales while Microsoft managed to generate £144.5 million, with the smaller gap in profits coming from the Xbox One costing more than the PlayStation 4.

ERA Director Kim Bayley issued a statement on the sales, while at the same time issuing a subtle jab at each system:

"Games continues to deliver digital sales strongly, but it was disappointing that Xbox One and PS4 came so late in 2013 and then huge demand meant stock sold out quickly. Retailers will be working hard in 2014 to maintain the sales momentum of these two great new pieces of kit.”

Will we see the PlayStation 4 continue to dominate the Xbox One in 2014? Let us know in the comments, PS4 Experts readers!

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 1/4/2014

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Oh yea

Xbox one is deftly losing this time.. price drop is needed for xbox

ps4 availability

It will be hard for ps4 to continue to outsell xbox when the re are NO PS4's ANYWHERE. Just sayin.

It is because they are

It is because they are already all pre-ordered or bought immediately while the xbone sits cause no one wants it ;)

captain obvious

Curious, everyone knows the PS platform had always been stronger overseas (everywhere except the US) - so the question is: who's doing better in the US? I think the 3 main points hurting Xbox sales are: Lower overall performance when compared (Resolution) PS promises of portable versions of previous titles from ps3 Price tag I personally love my 360 but if I've got to toss my whole library anyway, might as well go a different platform different offerings and stuff up a bit. I've been more impressed with the eye candy on the ps4 than of the Xbox one. And while I love the integration with tv and internet, complete control, I'm highly annoyed that Xbox doesn't have more hdmi inputs for like the 360 or other consoles. If they (both companies) want to see more adoption, they need to port the previous titles to the New platforms at a heavily discounted price , this would secure brand loyalty eliminating the need maintain two generations of platforms. Why don't they get that consumers don't like feeling ripped off? - Kz121.xp