PS4 To Outsell Xbox One This Christmas

PS4 To Outsell Xbox One This ChristmasThe International Data Corporation, or IDC, has made a bold claim: PlayStation 4 will outsell the Xbox One during the holiday season of 2013, according to The Inquirer.

Why they think this will happen isn't necessarily clear as many of the reasons were withheld, but the lower price of the console is one of the reasons they did decide to mention.

The IDC made other bold claims, such as Sony's dominance will not be challenged by the likes of Ouya or the new Steam console, and that the number of gamers will continue to grow well into 2017. In addition, this year's sales of consoles will see higher numbers than previous years, signaling a successful launch of the PS4.

What do you think, PS4 Experts readers? Do you think the IDC was correct in their assumption? Let us know in the comments!

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 10/3/2013

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Sorry XBox One

PS4 simply did a better job and will be winning the console wars. Already bought my PS4 people, how bout you?

Ps4 is going to be top for a long time.

The only way i can see the Xbox one having a solid comeback is when it's price lowers. With the Ps4 having a lower starting price i wold imagine it will not drop it's price till after the Xbox one. So if it is timed right, the Xbox could get a large enough surge in sales to make up some of the loses at launch.


ben with xbox ten years not this time ps4 all the way