PS4 May Be Cheaper Than The Xbox One

As we head into E3, it's a given that we'll finally see the launch date, PS4 price and the look of the system announced.

However, industry analyst Michael Pachter may have already beaten Sony to the punch: he is claiming the PlayStation 4 will retail at $349, a full $50 less than what he expects the Xbox One to retail at.

Why the lower costs? According to Pachter, it comes down to the materials used and since Sony is using hardware that costs slightly less, the device itself will cost slightly less. We will see whether his analysis is true or not in just one week!

In gaming related news, DC Universe Online producer Larry Liberty tells MMOGamer that he expects the PS4 to be a "be a great platform for MMOs," further expanding the possible genres of the PlayStation 4. Could we see DCUO make the jump from PS3 to PS4? Possibly!

Finally, bad news for soccer fans: Konami confirms that PES 2014 will not be released on any next generation system, including the PlayStation 4. However, should you really need your soccer fix, there is always FIFA 14.

That wraps it up for this week! E3 is only one week away and PS4 Experts is ready to deliver you all the news as it appears!

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 6/4/2013

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