Titanfall Outsells InFamous but PS4 Reigns Supreme in March 2014

Titanfall Outsells InFamous

The NPD group have revealed the official sales numbers for games and consoles sold in March 2014 and the numbers may shock you.

Here are the top selling games in March 2014 in order of highest number of units sold first:

Has the shock worn off of InFamous being second place? Let's explain why this happened.

NPD groups all SKUs of a game together into one listing, so the more systems a game releases on, obviously the higher the potential number of sales would be. This would account as to why Titanfall beat InFamous; while we don't have the exact sales numbers, in theory even if InFamous sold better than the Xbox One version of Titanfall, the added PC numbers put Titanfall in first place.

It's one reason that older games like NBA 2k14, The Lego Movie Videogame and Call of Duty: Ghosts place as high as they do on a regular basis, simply because they are released on every system under the sun.

InFamous was released on one system and one system only and near the very end of March to boot, so for it to hit second place is a very amazing feat!

While Microsoft has touted that they have shipped 5 million Xbox One units, Sony has now revealed they have sold 7 million units, putting the PlayStation 4 on top yet again.

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 4/17/2014

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