PlayStation 4 Firmware Update 1.7 Is Live!

ps4 firmware 1.7Looks like the PlayStation 4 feature set is about to grow again with firmware update 1.7, which is now live for the PlayStation 4! Users can begin downloading it immediately.

What can you find in firmware update 1.7?

  • An all-new video editor, SHAREFactory, that lets you customize your shared video clips
  • The removal of the HDCP protocols so gameplay can be captured via HDMI
  • Users can now save video and screenshots to a USB stick
  • Preordered games on the PlayStation Store can now be preloaded before launch
  • New Share settings, such as setting the default recording time
  • Twitch and UStream archiving
  • Strength settings for the lightbar
  • The ability to sort trophies by rarity
  • PayPal integration for the PlayStation Store
  • New voice commands for the PlayStation Camera

The video editor is a very welcome tool, bringing the PlayStation 4's Share tool one step closer to the functionality of the more robust Upload Studio on Xbox One. Read more about it here!

This update is directed solely at improving the sharing functionality with big changes for how PS4 users can record, save and distribute content.

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Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 4/15/2014

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Firmware 1.70

Still a Useless update, need games, Multimedia Playback and PS1,PS2 PS3 Playback.


Need update to play the musics and video through usb and can be played through DLNA

Agree with both comments

Agree with the previous comments - more games and DNLA / Multimedia support.

new update

Need update for Bluetooth microphones...

just do it sony

we want dnla and usb support sony listen up already and just do it.

who cares about media..

U can play games, u can play blue-ray, be happy...

bluetooth headsets

When will other bluetooth headsets be gaining a supoet file i have px4s and i have been waiting for quite a while

MP3 Support

We want to play games while we listen awesome musics.

Dude -_-

Music unlimited allows that feature it has always allowed that feature, catch up!!!!!


I hope they fix the issue where if you have been playing longer that 15min, when u press share, it only uploads the first 15min. so annoying. !!

2tb hdd drives

When will the firmware support hard drives above 1tb? I have a 2tb drive waiting to go in my ps4 once it will work. Get on it sony. If xbox one supports external hard drives before you can use a 2tb hdd in ps4 then you have failed

2tb hhd

Dude you can use a 2 tb hdd in the ps4 already

war thunder

Why is war thunder available to everyone except north America. Please fix your sh*t PlayStation

disappointed having playstation 3 than buying ps4 because

as I have owned playstation 3 since they come out going from the first gen to second gen than third gen just great. could upload videos, music, pictures from my computer to a usb than its there to watch always which is great. still have the playstation 3 but going to playstation4 not being able too upload videos, pictures or music really sucks and cant even put music of cd's. all you can do is watch blu ray and the movies I purchased through playstation store which is like they took stuff away that really made the playstation 3 and I loved playing online for free still do I just hate having to purchase membership just to play online. its becoming like xboxone they are charging to play online cant do lots now. but I must say I do like that share button and the touch pad. I know alot of people didn't even purchase the playstation 4 because of that. they stuck with playstation 3. I will always have my playstation console though. I hate xbox with a passion.

Lots of multiplayer games

Lots of multiplayer games dont need ps+ Like DCU and FF14 for example.

3d play

I'm disappointed that Ps3 can play 3D Blu Ray but Ps4 can't? Come on Sony give us an updateallowingD Blu Ray playback..

you tube app

Any thing about you tube yet?

you tube

we need youtube...

Not what we really want

We are waiting for the Media playback (mp3,videos,pictures via USB ) , and of course an update on youtube flash problem .

I really want the restore

I really want the restore paused games from standby feature that was announced at launch. DLNA playback of MKV and MP4 would be nice too!

Disappointing once again!!!!!

Really had enough now, we were promised a next gen console meaning a better console than the last, 5 months on and so far we are all disappointed, rubbish +games no DNLA support, no 3d support, no youtube app, no remote, and just to top it all off YOU DONT LISTEN TO US, graphics are an improvement but that alone is not worth being loyal, i hear xb1 can do everything we are asking PS4 to do but being ignored, so I'm off, I'm sick of waiting for a bloody update only to be disappointed time and time again!, all we need is DNLA like the last gen has, not alot to ask for what we paid is it, include DNLA in this update or i am jumping ship and i bet I'm not alone!

Then leave. I'm loving my

Then leave. I'm loving my PS4. When you say "us" you sure as hell don't speak for me.

Clearly dont even own a

Clearly dont even own a ps4...butt hurt xbot..

c'mon ps4

They should allowed us to share our gameplay to YouTube. also make the making friends feature more fun like the ps3 was.


I miss free wallpapers, themes, avators, etc cant custom it like PS3. sad

Happy PlayStation USER

Ok sony the ps4 is a great system but i really miss being able to listen to my 40,000 something songs that i have acumulated over 5 years that r now just waiting to be put on my ps4. can't do this yet. It would be an awsome feature. And probability boost ur sales even further. Also if u could include an up date that allowes CD's to be imported that would be cool to. custom wallpapers for backgrounds would be sick. The ps4 was designed to be a nex-gen awsome console that the user-friendly people could injoy. Just some changes that a loyal PlayStation user would like to see in some next firmware update. PS USER: MCPHAIL19

Playstation 4 is a gaming

Playstation 4 is a gaming console. There are products that play music files and those pieces of equipment are available for purchase from any home entertainment store. If you bought a playstation 4 with the intention of playing songs, then unfortunately you've purchased the wrong equipment.

This is great. It looks like

This is great. It looks like lots of people didnt research what features the playstation 4 has before they bought one. If you didnt check the game release dates before you bought a ps4 then thats your own problem. Millions of people are happy with the ps4. Thankyou sony.

Well said !

Well said !


having invested n home i was upset that it isnt on ps4 but understand it may take awhile to set it all up hoping to see home on ps4 in the near future any clues about when?


I'm sorry guys at PlayStation, but so far, I haven't seen the "next-gen" you promised me, when I bought the system from you. By next-gen for me, that means being able to do things I couldn't before in more complex games? Why can't my "next-gen" console pull of what current gen excels at? I'm a bit robbed, I'd say....


Can I just address the problem I have with buying the ps4!!, why can't we play ps3 games on the ps4!!!! Also what's with having to pay for playing on line!!!!! I've been a long time serving client of the ps consoles and never have I been so let down with the pr and the managemental course of action that has taking place this time round.!!!! I feel as tho I've been made a mug of and been robbed of my money and following of the powers that be of sony .Very sad indeed !!!!!

I switched from xbox to ps4

I sold my xbox one to get ps4 due to the graphics side of things. I will say screw the sharing crap that doesnt work and get dedicated servers for online, the online experience isnt as nice as xbox one or 360 for that matter. For all the babies crying about 3d movie playback and music... STOP! Go to walmart and buy a $60 (Smart) 3d blu ray player and your problems will be solved.

Hey guys about music

Hey guys if you want to listen music just go to music app choose the music exit and go to the game and hold the PS buttom to turn off your device at the bottom you will see the sound that is playing and the volume control.This is for Playstation company i wish that first person shooter when i edit a video i want to rotade the camera around and choose a 3rd person view like the theater mode of Call of Duty Black Ops2 i can choose any angle of the camera my PS ID is JULITOMAFIA THANK YOU!

blu ray

Cmon ps4 can barely play a 2d blu ray and all these people want 3d fix what's broken before adding more features that won't work


The update isn't installing.error su-30624-6 . Can anyone help?

Dns error nw-31252-4

Ps4 is great just fix download problem