PS4 Controllers Available At Amazon!

You already know you can preorder the PlayStation 4 at Amazon, but now the retailer has listed the PlayStation 4's accessories as well for preorder!

Currently available at Amazon is the DualShock 4, retailing for $59.99, and the PlayStation Camera, also retailing at $59.99.

Unsure if you need a second controller? Check out our PS4 Controller article to get all the information you'll need on this amazing looking controller! Want to read more about the PlayStation Camera? We've got you covered with this in-depth article!

Are you planning on picking up additional controllers or a camera? Let us know in the comments!

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 7/29/2013

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Hell yea im getting another remote!

I know not all my friends will have a ps4, so im gonna need as many as 4 so they dont have to take turns when they're over lol