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My first video games console was the Sega Genesis. From there, I got a Nintendo 64, a PlayStation One, and so on and so forth. Why am I mentioning these ancient machines? Because these are the ancestors of what we play today. Sure they’re not in production anymore, but that doesn’t count. Okay, so they also have outdated graphics, sure I’ll give you that. Yes they run on outdated format. No, I know the controllers are better nowadays, would you just let me get to my point?

Thank you. Just like these systems from a bygone era gave us the foundation for a bright future where games are now recognized as one of the biggest forms of entertainment, and as a form of art, they also gave us something else. They gave us classic titles to inspire today’s developers. Many of the people working on today’s hits were once programming 16-bit titles. Sometimes its good for both gamer and developer alike to pay homage to the ones who have come before.

So let me ask you this then, have you ever heard of a Super Nintendo game called Putty Squad? Yeah, me neither, but apparently it was slated to release on a number of other systems and never quite made it past that point. The good news is that it’s coming back, on the PS4!

They’re releasing a SNES game on the PS4? You’re kidding right?
No, I’m not kidding, and even though it’s technically a SNES game, it’s not like they’re just porting it, dated graphics and all. Come on, give them some credit. The classic game has been redone with a fresh coat of paint and on PS4 it runs in glorious 1080p resolution. The game is also coming to PS3, and Vita. At a glance, the game seems like a standard side scrolling adventure, but it does have some unique features.

Preview - Putty SquadFor one, the story is a classic setup with a unique character. You play as Putty, a literal ball of sentient putty who goes on an adventure to save his kidnapped friends. I would love to know his backstory. For example, how did he gain intelligence? Was it through some science experiment gone awry? Was he mistreated and therefore given life through the sympathy of some deity who breathed life into him to rescue his friends and exact vengeance?

No, and I don’t think that’s going to be addressed in the game, so any of my suggestions will do just fine. The game is split into levels which you access through a classic world map. Each level has you exploring, finding friends, and dodging traps. What’s interesting how Putty can morph to suit his needs. Your attack involves becoming a fist and punching your enemies.

You can constrict and release yourself to dash across short distances. You can also use this to reach high ledges and you can even smush yourself down to fit through tight spaces. All this, and you can inflate to reach higher places. Seriously Mario, you could take a few lessons from this guy, he’s very versatile and environmentally friendly. You also find power ups and additional attacks through the course of the game.

So how does it look on PS4?
In a word, pretty. Running at 1080p makes the colors and updated graphics shine with a crisp quality. This isn’t going to rival Killzone: Shadow Fall, but it does look very nice when compared to some of the more dull shooters of our day. Although it seems that attractive colors and sharp graphics are very prevalent in the PS4’s launch lineup.

The game also features a variety of environments to keep things fresh. Everything from jungles, to egyptian tombs, to laboratories, the game keeps everything fresh and interesting so you’re never bored of how it looks.

So, let’s recap the main features of this game.
1. A classic reborn with new graphics and running at 1080p resolution for great color and crisp clarity

2. Fast, fun, and addictive gameplay across a wide variety of levels.

3. Many different traversal and attack options, keeping things engaging.

4. Tons of nostalgia for anyone who has played the original.

Putty Squad will release as a launch title for the PS4, and be available for download on the PlayStation Store.

Have you played this game before? Are you excited for a classic remake? Tell us in the comments!

Game Category: Indie

Article by - Bradley Ramsey
Insert Date: 11/13/2013

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