How will my Playstation Plus membership change on the PS4?

For several years now, the Playstation Plus program has been Sony's representation of their commitment to be all about the gamers – the membership rewards players’ loyalty to Playstation with truly valuable gifts as well as plenty of discounts and exclusives. In fact, the Plus membership is probably what distinguishes Playstation from the other consoles on the market – otherwise, Sony’s particularities would probably go unnoticed. Playstation Plus makes sure the user knows everything that's exclusive to Playstation, be it full games, indies or other features. It sorts of prevents the Playstation from being that generic console with no edge whatsoever. Playstation is known for its reliability on the hardware side, but the Plus membership puts its software side forward.

Is there any major difference for the Playstation Plus membership on the PS4? Yes. You need to get it in order to play online. So this marks a new step for Playstation Plus as it now enter in comparison with Xbox Live’s Gold plan, but Sony is making sure that this new investment is worth it. The start of the Playstation Plus membership will be quite exciting and you will even get some games that you heard about on this very site. In this August blog update from Playstation it's revealed that members will get the DriveClub Playstation Plus Edition, as well as Resogun!

For those who aren't familiar with the latter title, Resogun is one of the most visually impressive indie games revealed so far by Sony. It's a side-scrolling space shooter that runs at a stable 60 FPS rate and that involves a huge amount of spectacular boosts and explosions. It's certainly a considerable gift from Sony that just about anyone will be able to enjoy, no matter what genre they usually prefer. Those who recall getting their hands on a game named Super Stardust will certainly recognize the inspiration that went straight into this new game from the same company. This time, the environment is a nice 360 degrees stadium that allows you to see what lies ahead as you circle around it. Even as an indie, the game manages to makes us feel the power of the PS4 through its great graphics and fluidity.

Then, what exactly is DriveClub Playstation Plus Edition? Is it the full game, except through download for Playstation Plus members? Not exactly, but almost. For all the details, we redirect you guys to a forum post made by design director Paul Rustchynsky. The answer is that the Playstation Plus Edition is "the full game minus a few cars/tracks" and we also learn that there will be a "discount to upgrade to the full digital edition", although no price is specified in the post. How surprising it is to see a game that was announced back at the February press conference given to us almost in its entirety for free! And this is exactly what Playstation Plus is about – surprising members with valuable gifts.

How will my Playstation Plus membership change on the PS4?Still not sold on the new Playstation Plus? You’re an offline gamer who’s still sitting on the fence? You will be able to experience for free with the 14-days trial that will come with your Playstation 4. That’s a good thing because the new games and indies for the PS4 might appeal you more than what was offered back when you bought your PS3, so you will be able to get an idea. Let’s also not forget the cloud storage and Sony’s overall dedication to surprising gamers with different exclusives to members as the year goes by.

So in conclusion, the Playstation Plus Membership for the PS4 isn’t all that different aside from the necessity of having it to play online. Fortunately, the stronger support of indies by Sony should make the discount aspect of the membership even more worth it and the membership does spread out to all three Playstation consoles: PS3, PS4 and Vita. It won’t be a difficult transition for those who are already members – you just have to wait it out until the new advantages and games kick in. So, do you think that making the Playstation Plus membership mandatory to play online was a good idea? Is Sony giving away enough?

Article by - Marc-André Messier
Insert Date: 10/13/2013

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kinda rediculous

monthly charge for online use. then MMO games are going to a monthly charge. after you buy the system the game and both monthly charges you better only have 1 game at a time. otherwise your paying 2 monthly charges for an offline single player game that takes your time. WTF i remember when you got a game you played it now you need 15 a month for the game 15 a month for the online feature after paying 400 for the sytem and soon to be 80 for a game your talking 510 to start then 30 a month every month wow. thats like a cable bill after buying the equipment. atleast direct tv. gives you start up offers that give you the equipment for free. DAMN this is just getting to rich for my blood maybe ill stick with the ps3

ps plus

Can u buy PS plus membership on the ps4

You can buy it now for PS3

You can buy it now for PS3 and it will roll over to the PS4. There was a deal on a few months ago if you bought on PS3 it would roll over to PS4 and get an extra 3 months. Not sure if that is still going.

IF u kind of greedy to pay

IF u kind of greedy to pay miserable 34£ a year for ps plus then just dont play multiplayer games or mmo