Playstation Plus Benefits You May Have Missed!

Playstation Plus Benefits

PlayStation Plus recently went up in price for the first time since it started in 2010. It was only a $10 increase, but it made more than a few people angry. That’s why I think it’s time we remind ourselves what that $60 per year is getting us.

Today we’re going to look at all the juicy benefits you get with PS Plus and why it’s something every PlayStation owner should consider having for the best possible experience on their console.

All The Benefits of PlayStation Plus

Let’s start by looking at a full breakdown of the various features and benefits you can expect as a PlayStation Plus member:

  • Online Multiplayer
  • Free Games, Every Month
  • PlayStation Plus Store Hub
  • Early Access and Member Discounts
  • Cloud Storage
  • Share Play

Now, let's take a look at each of these benefits in detail.

1. Online Multiplayer

This is one of the features that people took for granted on the PS3. Yes, online play was free on the past PlayStation console, but we have to remember how sporadic the service was on the previous console. Unlike Microsoft, Sony didn’t have any funding for maintenance and it showed in the online play.

With online support included on PS4, the online multiplayer and cooperative experience has been substantially improved. Up until recently, Microsoft was charging the same amount for solely online play, but now they’ve added additional features to emulate PS Plus. Doesn’t that tell you something?

2. Free Games, Every Month

As part of your membership, you get two select games on PS4 for free every month. Twenty-four games each year are yours while you’re a member. These games are yours to play for as long as you’re a member. If your membership lapses, you can still play all the games you earned when you renew your membership.

The types of games range from newly released indie darlings, to AAA titles like Resident Evil. Recently, Sony asked players to vote one month to decide which game would be free. It could be a promotion they will bring back again.

The games you receive range from action, to adventure, horror, and even sports as well. The wide variety of game types makes it a great feature for everyone.

3. PlayStation Plus Hub

If you ever have any questions about your membership, or what deals/free games are being offered, there’s a convenient member’s hub on the PlayStation Store you can access. This is also where you’ll find all the latest info on exclusive access and discounts. Speaking of…

4. Early Access and Member Discounts

PlayStation Plus members also enjoy early access to betas and trials. Not only that, but they also get exclusive discounts on games and preorders. I can’t tell you how much I’ve saved getting games for a discount on my membership.

For example, a PS VR launch title called The Assembly, is getting a satisfying 25% discount exclusively for members!

4. 10 Gigabytes of Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is an excellent feature for PlayStation Plus members. Not only do you have the peace of mind knowing that your data is safely stored outside your hard drive, but you can also download it on another PS4 after you sign in to continue where you left off.

It’s an excellent way to keep those RPG save files from going anywhere. We all know how painful it is to lose hundreds of hours of your life.

5. Share Play

Last, but certainly not least, is Share Play. This is a feature that allows PS Plus members to play a game together, and even pass control back and forth without the other person owning the game. I played Mafia III with a friend of mine in Atlanta miles and miles away as if he was sitting next to me.

It’s a great feature. It suffers somewhat when your internet isn’t cooperating, but otherwise it’s perfect. You can also use this feature to play certain games in co-op and even multiplayer. Again, the other person doesn’t need to own the game!

Ready to Sign Up?

PlayStation Plus may have gone up $10 in price, but if October’s free games and Share Play are anything to go by, you won’t miss that extra cash. Personally, I’ve always been a fan of the service, and Microsoft clearly took some notes as well since they started offering discounts and free games each month.

Are you a PS+ member? If you’re picking up a PS4 Slim or Pro, will you be signing up? Let us know in the comments!

Article by - Bradley Ramsey
Insert date - 10/12/16

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    What a crock of s%#t!

    Ok let's break it down. 1 online multiplayer Yes we did take it for granted that it was free but that's why we went with the playstation over microsoft in the first place, So it's kind of like a drug dealer, "the first hit is free but now that you went with me it's gonna cost you next time. Oh yeah, and it will be a little more next year." 2 Free games every month Sweet, to bad 95% of the year we will only offer piece of crap indi games you have never heard of or will ever play. 3 Playstation hub What the f@$k is playstation hub. No one cares or have never said, "i'm gonna get playstation plus for playstation hub." And early discounts on games and the vr launch, Cant wait to have another piece of fad junk in my closet. I will put it between my playstation glove controller and move system. 4 10 gigabytes of cloud storage Wow 60 bucks for something my phone thru in for free! Did we also forget about memory cards? At least I knew that my save's were safe at home and no one else had access to them. 5 Share play What a useless button on my controller! This is something that pops up in the middle of an intense match in mortal combat letting jax finally get that one win for the first time all night. This was a one time use thing that lets you upload funny glitches onto facebook or youtube. It lost it's luster real quick. So ready to sign up? Let's be real stupid and try and turn into the money grubbing microsoft big wigs that only care about the quick buck and screw the gamers that stuck with us. BRING MONEY!


    Share play is more than what you described, did you even read? To me the whole package deal for 60$ a year is well worth it. I mean, unless you want to pay twice that buying it month to month. But that's up to you.