PlayStation Network Experiencing PlayStation Plus Issues

Have you experienced issues lately with the PlayStation Network? Recently, some gamers are finding that the PlayStation 4 is not acknowledging their PlayStation Plus status, barring them from playing online or accessing their PlayStation Plus free games.

Don't worry though, as Sony's own Chris Owen has let gamers know via Twitter that his team is looking into the issue:

Currently, it seems the issue is only affecting European territories, though there are a few reports of gamers in North America being affected as well.

If you're affected by this issue, hang tight! There is nothing you can do right now except wait for Sony to fix the issue. Your PlayStation Plus account is fine, so there is no need to call Sony and waste time being on hold; play some single player games and relax!

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 12/9/2013

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Potential fix

I experienced this issue but I found a renew licenses option in the settings and this fixed it, try this if u have such problems


I have PlayStation plus. But when I go to PlayStation plus in the store. It's trying to sell me more PlayStation plus