PlayStation E3 2013 Preview

A BIG day for the Playstation 4! E3 2013, the event we were all waiting for! Last year, we were eagerly anticipating the reveal of the PlayStation 4; this year, we're still anticipating aspects of the PlayStation 4 though not the device itself, luckily.
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E3 Preview:

At PS4 Experts, we're going to bring you up-to-date coverage on every aspect of the PlayStation 4 and its games as it hits. In the meantime, what can you expect to see from this year's E3? Read below to find out.

The Look Of The System
Sony has already teased the look of the PlayStation 4, which we shared with you a few weeks ago. We can infer from the PS4 video that Sony has the PlayStation 4 look finalized and is planning on finally giving us an official glimpse at what the device looks like. In addition, we even have a date for the official reveal: June 10th, 2013 at 6:00 PM PST. Sony's official press conference will take place the day before E3, so mark your calendars!

The Price and Release Date
Sony will most likely take the time to reveal the price and release date of the console while all eyes are on them during the revealing of the console itself. Not only that, but Sony is running out of time to reveal these two details: with the console slated to release in 2013, Sony needs to reveal this information ASAP to start giving gamers a chance to save up.

PlayStation E3 2013 PreviewWe previously reported that the PlayStation 4 will cost $350, with a release date in between October and November 2013. Will these predictions be accurate? We'll see in just a few days!

Final Fantasy
During the PlayStation 4's reveal in February, Square Enix mentioned that new details about a PS4 Final Fantasy would be revealed at E3. Rumors swirl as to whether this is a brand new game in the series, a remake of FF7 or even FF Versus XIII rebuilt for the new system. This information will likely be revealed during the show itself and not during Sony's official press conference.

New Information About Announced Games
Expect to see new information and videos for all games previously announced at the February conference, including Deep Down, Driveclub, inFamous: Second Son and Killzone: Shadowfall. It was obvious that much information was held back at the conference and in the following months so Sony and its publishers could wow us with the details at E3, often dubbed the biggest show for games all year. Rumors are already circling that Sony will have playable versions of Driveclub, InFamous and Killzone on display at E3.

The Last Guardian
Long in development for the PlayStation 3, The Last Guardian has fallen off the radar in recent years, with Sony only commenting that they have been working on it with no new information to reveal. Rumors speculate that The Last Guardian could be revealed at the show as a new PlayStation 4 exclusive.

Surprise Announcements
Sony is claiming to have more than 20 PlayStation 3, Vita and PlayStation 4 games on display at the show but it just wouldn't be an E3 without surprise announcements. With only a few months to go until launch don't be surprised to see announcements of quite a few new PlayStation 4 games and exclusives!

What about you? Let us know in the comments what you're most looking forward to at E3 2013 and keep it locked to PS4 Experts for all your E3 PS4 news!

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 6/6/2013

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