PlayStation 4 Will Require Day 1 Update

To fully get the most out of your PlayStation 4, an Internet connection will be required at least for the first time you boot the console. This is due to the fact that the PlayStation 4 will require a downloadable, day 1 patch that unlocks many of the system's features.

Such features the patch will unlock include:

• Remote Play
The Share button
• The PS4 Camera's facial recognition features
• Gaikai Cloud Technology

The patch will be 300MB in size and these features will not be available unless you download the patch.

Not requiring the patch, but requiring an Internet connection upon first time use, will be Blu-ray and DVD playback.

What happens if you don't have an Internet connection? Then unfortunately, these features will not be available to you until you can connect your console to the Internet.

How do you feel about this PS4 Experts? Does it not bother you because you're connecting your console to the Internet anyways, or do you feel this is an underhanded move on Sony's part? Let us know in the comments!

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 10/29/2013

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what if we don't have Internet connection upon first time use, will it matter? i just want to use it for playing games that's all..and i don't play games online.

You won't ever need an

You won't ever need an Internet connection for playing games, only to unlock the features listed in the article. Gaming is all done completely offline.

How long?

How long will the requiring installment take?

Misheard info

You can play bluray and dvd without disc, but you have to order an activating disc to be mailed to you from sony. From FAQs "What if I’m not able to or don’t want to connect my PS4 system online? PS4 owners in North America can contact SCEA Consumer Services at (800) 345-7669 to request a Blu-ray activation disc that will be distributed via mail."